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SY-73. [SF] [Symposium of Division of Supercritical Fluids] Supercritical Fluids Technologies in Japan -The past 20 years and the future-

Organizer(s): Tomai Takaaki (Tohoku Univ.), Momose Takeshi (UTokyo), Suzuki Shogo (Albion), Sue Kiwamu (AIST)

This year is the 20th year anniversary of "Division of Supercritical Fluids." In this symposium, we will look back on the activity of this division for20 years, and will actively discuss the latest research results from a wide perspective, from the basics of physical properties of sub- and supercritical fluids, to the application of sub- and supercritical fluids to the environment, energy, materials, etc.. Prizes will be awarded for outstanding student presentations.

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