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List of received applications (By topics code)

HQ) Session organized by Headquarters/Branches

HQ-21. How Young Researchers are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering <Closed session>

Organizer(s): Kobayashi Daisuke (Tokyo Denki Univ.), Fujioka Satoko (Keio Univ.), Sen Jun (Ajinomoto)

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The keywords that frequently used
in this topics code.
Methane reforming1
Thermal management1
Carbon neutral1
siliceous shale1
ethylene oxidation1
heterogeneous catalyst1
supercritical carbon dioxide1
Chemical heat storage1
Vapor chamber1
Lithium hydroxide1
Water vapor1
chemical filter1
Drug delivery system1
Material transfer1
Catalyst degradation1
Sulfur poisoning1

33[Requested talk] Chemical engineering contributes to realize carbon-neutral-society as a crucial technology
(Kagoshima U.) (Reg)Mizuta Kei
Vapor chamber
Thermal management
Carbon neutral
57[Requested talk] Development of Cost-effective Catalysts for Ethylene Decomposition at Low Temperatures
(Hokkaido Res. Org. IRI) *(Reg)Mori Takeshi, Nomura Takafumi, Yamagishi Tohru, (Hokkaido U. ICAT) Nakajima Kiyotaka, Fukuoka Atsushi
heterogeneous catalyst
ethylene oxidation
siliceous shale
224[Requested talk] Development of Low-temperature Chemical Heat Storage System with Lithium Hydroxide/ Water vapor Reversible Reaction
(Nagoya U.) (Reg)Kubota Mitsuhiro
Chemical heat storage
Lithium hydroxide
Water vapor
246[Requested talk] DDS for researchers of chemical engineering
(Doshisha U.) (Reg)Tahara Yoshiro
Drug delivery system
Material transfer
258[Requested talk] Reuse technology for chemical filter with supercritical carbon dioxide
(Dai-Dan) (Reg)Ito Yasuyuki
chemical filter
supercritical carbon dioxide
546[Requested talk] Catalyst degradation by impurity sulfur component and development of sulfur-tolerant catalyst for methane reforming reaction
(Tokushima U.) (Reg)Shimoda Naohiro
Sulfur poisoning
Methane reforming
Catalyst degradation

List of received applications (By topics code)

List of received applications
SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting (2021)
IChES 2021

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