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F) Chemical Industry Technology Forum

F-1. Evaluation of Remaining Life under the Aging of Chemical Equipment, and Extending its Life by Repair <Virtual(Online)>

Organizer(s): Kubouchi Masatoshi (Tokyo Tech), Mitomo Nobuo (Nihon Univ.)

Chemical plant in Japan has been aging, and the key is how to operate theses aged equipments safely while extending its service life. Symposium on extending life of chemical plant will be conduct, with the issues related to the aging of chemical equipment, focusing on the evaluation of the remaining life of materials discussed in the Division of Chemical Plant Material Engineerig, and topics related to extending the life using repair materials.

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749[Requested talk] TBD
(Bestmateria) Kihara Shigemitsu

750[Requested talk] TBD
(Bestmateria) (Reg)Matsuda Hiroyasu

751[Requested talk] TBD
(Nihon U.) (Reg)Mitomo Nobuo

752[Requested talk] TBD
(Doi Seisakusho) (Div)Kaetsu Takashi

753[Invited lecture] TBD
(Daikin) (Cor)Ishi Kouhei

754[Invited lecture] TBD
(Blue innovation) Hirabaru Sho


List of received applications (By topics code)

List of received applications
SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)
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