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List of received applications (By topics code)

SP) Special Symposium

SP-1. Action Plan 2050 Toward Carbon Neutrality Based on Chemical Engineering <Virtual/Live>

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The keywords that frequently used
in this topics code.
CFP Calculation System1
Thermal transistor1
Future choice1
Clean Energy Strategy1
Hard-Shell Microcapsules, Thermal Storage Technology1
Technology innovation1
Latent Heat Transportation1
Regeneration waste thermal energy1
Carbon Neutral1
Costing Information1
Energy Security1
Liquefied Hydrogen1
Carbon Footprint of Products1
Green Innovation1
Portfolio of heat and electrical1
Social risk1

743[Invited lecture] The strategies in Japan for establishing carbon neutral world
(Waseda U.) Sekine Yasushi
Carbon Neutral
Green Innovation
Clean Energy Strategy
744[Invited lecture] International Liquefied Hydrogen Supply Chain
(Kawasaki Heavy Industries) (Cor)Morimoto Katsuya
Liquefied Hydrogen
Energy Security
745[Invited lecture] Study on Latent Heat Transportation with Hard-Shell Microcapsules Containing Phase Change Materials
(Kobe U.) (Reg)Suzuki Hiroshi
Latent Heat Transportation
Hard-Shell Microcapsules, Thermal Storage Technology
746[Invited lecture] Thermal utilization technology required for carbon neutrality in the industrial sector
(Asahi Quality and Innovations) (Reg)Kawamura Kimito
Portfolio of heat and electrical
Regeneration waste thermal energy
Thermal transistor
747[Requested talk] The Methodology of CFP Calculation Based on Costing Information and its System Development
(Sumitomo Chemical) *(Reg·SPCE)Toma Masaaki, (Reg)Yokokawa Naoki, (Cor)Oozawa Kouki, (Cor)Manabe Saki, (Cor)Hayashi Mayumi
Carbon Footprint of Products
Costing Information
CFP Calculation System
748[Requested talk] Social innovation and science and technology -Examination of technology that society changes and society that technology changes, using carbon neutral as an example-
(Yokohama Nat. U.) Noguchi Kazuhiko
Social risk
Future choice
Technology innovation

List of received applications (By topics code)

List of received applications
SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)
IChES 2022

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