APCChE 2019

Technical Program — Plenary Sessions

Session Program

The technical program was fixed on Monday, September 9. Further changes are listed on the Program top page, if any.

The first letter of the presentation ID represents the hall. The second letter represents the day of the presentation (1: Mon., 2: Tue., 3: Wed., 4: Thu., 5: Fri.). The number in < > at the end of each presentation is the abstract ID.

Plenary sessions

Day 2, Tuesday, September 24

9:00–10:00 Hall A

Opening ceremony

Welcome speech for APCChE 2019
APCChE President, Shuichi Yamamoto,
Yamaguchi University

Opening speech “Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development Goals”
SCEJ President, Tadafumi Adschiri,
Tohoku University

A200 “[Plenary] Can biotechnology deliver cost effective fuels for transportation with reduced carbon footprint?,”
MIT, Cambridge

Day 3, Wednesday, September 25

9:00–10:00 Hall A

Chemical Engineering Confederations and World Council of Chemical Engineering (WCCE)
APCChE President, Shuichi Yamamoto,
Yamaguchi University

A300 “[Plenary] Chemical Engineering: Relevance in a changing world,”
Jonathan SEVILLE,
The University of Birmingham

Day 4, Thursday, September 26

9:00–10:00 Hall A

Introduction to the Session
Ken-Ichiro SOTOWA,
Kyoto University

A400 “[Plenary] Preparing chemical engineers for Industry 4.0,”
The University of Melbourne

Day 5, Friday, September 27

11:10–11:55 Hall A

A509 “[Plenary] Chemical engineering for SDGs,”
Tadafumi ADSCHIRI,
Tohoku University, Sendai