APCChE 2019

Technical Program — Special Session S10

Session Program

The technical program was fixed on Monday, September 9. Further changes are listed on the Program top page, if any.

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Special Session S10. Industry 4.0 and the future of chemical engineering (Invited talks only)

The concept of Industrie 4.0 is expected to bring about revolution in chemical manufacturing. It is about exploitation of information technology but in a way different from the current relationship between chemical plants and information technology. Industrie 4.0 advocates the introduction of IoT and development of cyber-physical systems. Through analysis of big data from a process and the market using a powerful data processing technology, we can foresee the change in the status of the factory and the market, and derive the best operating strategy. This session discusses the current status, future and the issues related to Industrie 4.0 for chemical industry.

Day 4, Thursday, September 26

10:30–12:45 Hall A

Oral session

Chairs: Takeo YAMAGUCHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology; Ken-Ichiro SOTOWA, Kyoto University; David SHALLCROSS, the University of Melbourne

A401 “[Special keynote] Challenges on artificial intelligence for Japan and chemical industry,”
Naohiko URAMOTO,
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Tokyo / The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Tokyo

A404 “[Keynote] Model-free and model-based deep reinforcement learning for control and optimization of process systems,”
Jong Woo KIM, Tae Hoon OH, Yeonsoo KIM, Jae Jung URM, Jong Min LEE,
Seoul National University, Seoul

A406 “[Keynote] Small Data Integration for Process Modeling by Using Deep Neural Network-based Word Embedding,”
Yuan YAO,
National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu

A408 “[Keynote] Revolution in chemical industry triggered by modular flow technology,”
Ken-Ichiro SOTOWA,
Kyoto University, Kyoto