APCChE 2019

Technical Program — Special Session S2

Session Program

The technical program was fixed on Monday, September 9. Further changes are listed on the Program top page, if any.

The first letter of the presentation ID represents the hall. The second letter represents the day of the presentation (1: Mon., 2: Tue., 3: Wed., 4: Thu., 5: Fri.). The number in < > at the end of each presentation is the abstract ID.

Special Session S2. SDGs forum (Invited talks only. Open to the public)

This Forum is a concluding session responding to the discussion during the APCChE2019 Congress under the theme of “Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development Goals (ChE4SDGs).” Following four invited talks from industry and academia about practices for implementing the SDGs, conclusions of the four sessions relevant to the SDGs: Student program, APCChE–UNIDO special symposium, Diversity in chemical engineering, and East Asian joint session will be presented. As the outcome of the congress, chemical engineers' determination toward achieving the SDGs will be proposed. We hope that all participants will take this opportunity to think about sustainability and bring ideas for the well-being of society back home. This session will be composed of invited talks only.

Day 5, Friday, September 27

9:00–12:10 Hall A

Oral session

9:00 Introduction,
Masahiko HIRAO,
the University of Tokyo

Chair: Masahiko MATSUKATA, Waseda University

9:10 A501 “Sumitomo Chemical's challenge for sustainability ∼Sumika Sustainable Solutions∼,”
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

9:30 A502 “The challenge of bioenergy in Indonesia for SDGs,”
Eniya Listiani Dewi,
Technology of Information, Energy and Material- BPPT

Chair: Tadafumi ADSCHIRI, Tohoku University

9:50 A503 “SDGs and Science Council of Japan,”
Science Council of Japan / Japan Science and Technology Agency

10:10 A504 “AIChE and sustainability education,”
Kimberly OGDEN,
American Institute of Chemical Engineers(AIChE) / The University of Arizona

Chair: Masahiko HIRAO, The University of Tokyo

10:30 A505 “Report from Student program: —Research proposal for SDGs from youth—,”
Keio University

10:40 A506 “Report from APCChE–UNIDO special symposium,”
Suguru NODA,
Waseda University

10:50 A507 “Report from Diversity in chemical engineering,”
The University of Tokyo

11:00 A508 “Report from East Asian joint session: Critical SDGs in highly industrialized economies,”
Tohoku University

Chair: Suguru NODA, Waseda University

11:10 A509 “[Plenary] Chemical engineering for SDGs,”
Tadafumi ADSCHIRI,
Tohoku University, Sendai


12:00 Sapporo Declaration

12:10 Closing ceremony