APCChE 2019

Technical Program — Special Session S3

Session Program

The technical program was fixed on Monday, September 9. Further changes are listed on the Program top page, if any.

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Special Session S3. East Asian joint session: Critical SDGs in highly industrialized economies

East Asia is characterized by economies that have achieved high level of development in varied forms. In such economies, balances among the society, economy and the environment has been (and will continued to be) an important issue. This session offers scientists and engineers a unique opportunity to share how chemical technologies have been, or is envisioned to be put into practice to achieve critical SDGs within the respective economies. The outcomes may allow a cross-boundary, East Asian initiatives to form and thereby jointly achieve the SDGs in the global supply chain.

Day 4, Thursday, September 26

10:30–11:45 Hall L

Oral session— Sustainable Circular Economy

Chairs: Sungwon HWANG, Inha University; Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA, Tohoku University

L401 “[Keynote] Taking the East Asian Chemical Industry into the circular economy,”
Yu-Wen CHEN,
D. Chem. Eng., National Central University

L404 “Devising a circular economy strategy with bottom-up modeling: a lithium-ion battery example,”
I-Ching CHEN1, Hajime OHNO1, Chiharu TOKORO2, Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA1,
1 Tohoku University, Sendai
2 Waseda University, Tokyo

L405 “Production of glycerol carbonate from transesterification of glycerol and dimethyl carbonate over MgO@ZIF-8,”
Zi-Jie GONG1,2, Cheng-Wei CHANG3, Nai-Chieh HUANG1,2, Cheng-Yu WANG3, Wen-Yueh YU1,2,
1 D. Chem. Eng., National Taiwan University, Taipei
2 Advanced Research Center for Green Materials Science and Technology, Taipei
3 D. Mater. Sci. Eng., National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu

13:30–14:30 Hall L

Oral session— Utilization of locally available resources

Chairs: Sungwon HWANG, Inha University; Bing-Hung CHEN, National Cheng Kung University

L413 “Chemical systems synthesis with a rank-ordered optimization approach,”
Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA, Hajime OHNO, Yuki KAWAOTO,
Tohoku University, Sendai

L414 “Conversion of woody biomass into MTHF (methyltetrahydrofuran) using chemical, thermal, and catalytic (CTC) conversion,”
Tae Hyun KIM1, Jun Seok KIM2, Jeong Gil SEO3, Yang Soo LEE4,
1 Hanyang University, Ansan
2 Kyonggi University, Suwon
3 Myungji University, Yongin
4 Samwon Industrial Co., Ltd., Ansan

L415 “Demonstration the large-scaled (0.1 ton/d) continuous twin screw-driven reactor (CTSR) for thermo-mechanical biomass pretreatment,”
Hun Jin RYU1, Kyeong Keun OH1,2,
1 SugarEn Co., Ltd., Yongin
2 Dankook University, Youngin

L416 “Planning support of biomass-based industrial symbiosis toward sustainable agriculture and forestry,”
Yuichiro KANEMATSU, Tatsuya OKUBO, Yasunori KIKUCHI,
The University of Tokyo, Tokyo

14:30–17:00 Hall L

Oral session— Sufficiently low carbon and clean energy

Chairs: Bing-Hung CHEN, National Cheng Kung University; Yasuhiro FUKUSHIMA, Tohoku University

L417 “[Keynote] Multi-criteria technology roadmapping towards sustainable energy use: The case of photovoltaics,”
Hajime OHNO,
Tohoku University

L421 “Optimization of hydrogen supply chain: From production to distribution,”
Chul-Jin LEE,
Chung-Ang University

L422 “Improving solar-to-fuel conversion of CuInS2 thin film electrode,”
Bo-Cheng CHEN1, Kai-Yu YANG1, Meng-Chi LI2, Cheng-Chung LEE2, Cheng-Liang LIU1, Tai-Chou LEE1,
1 D. Chem. Mater. Eng., National Central University, Taoyuan
2 Thin Film Tech. Cen. / D. Optics Photons, National Central University, Taoyuan

L423 “General techno-economic analysis for electrochemical coproduction of CO2 reduction and anodic oxidation,”
Jonggeol NA1, Bora SEO1, Jeongnam KIM1,2, Hyung-Suk OH1, Ung LEE1,
1 Clean Ene. Res. Cen., Korea Institute of Science and Technology
2 Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University