APCChE 2019

Technical Program — Special Session S9

Session Program

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Special Session S9. Diversity in chemical engineering (Invited talks only)

Diversity plays a critical role in solving a global problem, where gender equality is ever more discussed as it was addressed in SDG #5. In this session, current situation of diversity in each country are overviewed. We will exchange ideas on ways to promote networking and increase collaboration among countries on this issue.

Day 3, Wednesday, September 25

10:30–12:15 Hall F

Oral session

Chair: Eri AMASAWA, the University of Tokyo

F301 “[Keynote] Preparing for tomorrow's workforce,”
Kimberly OGDEN,
AlChE and Chemical Engineering, University of Arizona

F303 “[Invited] Typical green chemical processes in China,”
Xiangping ZHANG,
Insitutue of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

F304 “[Invited] From social network to research network,”
Joung Sook HONG,
Seoul National University, Institute of Chemical Processes

F305 “[Invited] Current status and future outlook of woman engineer in Taiwan,”
Yu-Wen CHEN,
D. Chem. Mater. Eng., National Central University

F306 “[Invited] Challenges for diversity promotion in the Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan,”
Functional Fluids Ltd.

Commentary by Yuko HAYASHI,
Yamaguchi University