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19th SCEJ Student Meeting (Koganei)

List of chairs

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List of chairs

HallTimeChairPaper ID
A9:30–10:45Chair: MURAKAMI YoshinoriA101–A105
A10:45–12:00Chair: Ryu JunichiA106–A110
A13:00–14:15Chair: ISHII HiroyukiA115–A119
A14:15–15:45Chair: MURAKAMI YoshinoriA120–A125
B9:30–10:45Chair: TAKAHASHI MitsuoB101–B105
B10:45–12:00Chair: HONMA TetsuoB106–B110
B13:00–14:15Chair: HONMA TetsuoB115–B119
B14:15–15:45Chair: ISHITOBI HirokazuB120–B125
C9:30–10:45Chair: TAKEGUCHI MasayukiC101–C105
C10:45–12:00Chair: FUJITANI HirotsuguC106–C110
C13:00–14:15Chair: TAKEGUCHI MasayukiC115–C119
C14:15–17:20Chair: MATSUMOTO HideyukiC120–C125
D9:30–10:45Chair: NAGAO DaisukeD101–D105
D10:45–12:00Chair: RIYA ShoheiD106–D110
D13:00–14:15Chair: NAGAO DaisukeD115–D119
D14:15–15:45Chair: SHOJI RyoD120–D125
E9:30–10:45Chair: KUDO ShojiE101–E105
E10:45–12:00Chair: FUNAKOSHI KunioE106–E110
E13:00–14:15Chair: FUNAKOSHI KunioE115–E119
E14:15–15:45Chair: SHIMOYAMA YusukeE120–E125

Chair index

ChairPaper ID
FUJITANI HirotsuguC106–C110
FUNAKOSHI KunioE106–E110,E115–E119
HONMA TetsuoB106–B110,B115–B119
ISHII HiroyukiA115–A119
ISHITOBI HirokazuB120–B125
KUDO ShojiE101–E105
MATSUMOTO HideyukiC120–C125
MURAKAMI YoshinoriA101–A105,A120–A125
NAGAO DaisukeD101–D105,D115–D119
RIYA ShoheiD106–D110
Ryu JunichiA106–A110
SHIMOYAMA YusukeE120–E125
SHOJI RyoD120–D125
TAKAHASHI MitsuoB101–B105
TAKEGUCHI MasayukiC101–C105,C115–C119

Technical program
19th SCEJ Student Meeting (Koganei)

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