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23nd SCEJ Students Meeting (2021)

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Guideline of application on the web


  • Choose a speaker with the radio buttons.

  • Only initials of given and middle names followed by periods should be input in the Given name field. One-word name should be input in the Family name field.

  • Katakana name is preferred for checking schedule but type the name in alphabets again if you cannot input Japanese characters.

  • Separate the institute/company names, if an author belongs to some institutes/companies, by slashes in the affiliation field.

  • The affiliation can be a university/institute/company name without department names.

  • If an author does not belong to any institutes or companies, input ‘none’ or ‘formerly institute/company name’.

  • Choose ‘Student’ for student membership, ‘College of Tech.(After 4th)’ for college of technology student after 4th year, ‘College of Tech.(To 3rd)’ for college of technology student to 3rd year, ‘High school student’ for high school student, ‘High school teacher’ for high school teacher (regardless of membership), ‘Regular (incl. honorary)’ for regular membership (including honorary membership), ‘Corporate’ for corporate membership, ‘or ‘Others’ for other nonmember in the membership field.

  • Input the SCEJ member ID number in the member ID field, input ‘0’ in the member ID field if you are applying for the membership now, or input ‘-1’ if your do not know the member ID number.

  • Choose the SCEJ qualification, ‘APCE’ for Associate Professional Chemical Engineer, ‘PCEF’ for Professional Chemical Engineer Fundamental, ‘PCE’ for Professional Chemical Engineer, or ‘SPCE’ for Senior Professional Chemical Engineer, in the qualification field if you have.

  • If the number of authors is more than 13, input the author information in the remark field.

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