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List of Received Applications (ST-30) [Japanese]

ST) SCEJ Trans-Division Symposium

ST-30. [Trans-Division Symposium] Membrane Reactor Technology - Integration of Reaction and Separation for Process Intensification - <Closed session>

Organizer(s): Miyamoto Manabu (Gifu Univ.), Nakagawa Keizo (Kobe Univ.), Hirota Yuichiro (Osaka Univ.)

Highly developed unit operations such as reaction and separation limit further improvement in those processes. Integration of reaction and separation technologies such as membrane reactors is one of the key strategy for process intensification to achieve energy-efficient and downsized process. This symposium invites leading researchers to introduce state-of-the-art technology and future vision of membrane reactors, and discusses innovative membrane reactor technologies.

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silica-based membranes1

29[Invited lecture] Membrane Reactors Using Hydrogen-Permselective Palladium Membrane
(Utsunomiya U.) (Reg)Itoh Naotsugu
Palladium membrane
Hydrogen separation
Membrane reactor
57[Invited lecture] Membrane technology expected from the forefront of chemical process development
(Zeon) (Reg·PCE)Miki Hideaki
Compact Process
High Efficiency
Membrane Technology
450[Invited lecture] Research and development of zeolite or carbon membranes for their application in chemical processes
(Yamaguchi U.) (Reg)Kita Hidetoshi
Membrane reactor
Zeolite membrane
Carbon membrane
712[Invited lecture] Development of high-performance silica-based membranes and application to catalytic membrane reactors
(Hiroshima U.) (Reg)Tsuru Toshinori
silica-based membranes
catalytic membrane
membrane reactor

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List of received applications
SCEJ 50th Autumn Meeting (Kagoshima, 2018)