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List of Received Applications (HC-11) [Japanese]

HC) Session organized by Center/Committee etc.

HC-11. Substantial Reduction of GHG Emissions From Industrial Sector And Contribution of CCUS Technologies <Closed session>

Organizer(s): Nakagaki Takao (Waseda Univ.), Koyama Michihisa (NIMS), Yamada Hidetaka (RITE), Takahashi Nobuhide (Shinshu Univ.)

Reflecting growing interest in technological options and innovation toward the 2050 target of 80% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, the Committee on Future Energy and Social Systems (FuEnS), the Center for Strategic Planning, SCEJ has been addressing the potential for ultimate decarbonization by focusing on key industries i.e. steel and chemistry, which includes collaboration with the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan. In this year, the Working Group on CCUS (WG-CCUS) has been established across the divisions of SCEJ. This symposium is co-organized by FuEnS and WG-CCUS, and will review the issues of substantial reduction of GHG emissions and grasp the status of CCUS technologies.

Part I: Feasibility and issues of substantial reduction of GHG emissions from industrial sector

In the first part by FuEnS, we will consider energy supply and demand required for the 80% GHG emission reduction. We will also consider processes such as steelmaking for ultimate decarbonization that is not in the extrapolated course of the conventional technologies.

Part II: Overviewing issues for social implementation of CCUS technologies

In the second part by WG-CCUS, based on the latest development trends, we will discuss the CCUS in terms of potential for GHG emission reduction, challenges and deployment pathways.

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95[Requested talk] Changing Levelized Cost of Electricity and Future Energy System and Society
(NIMS/Shinshu U.) (Reg)Koyama Michihisa
Variable Renewable Energy
Levelized Cost of Electricity
350[Requested talk] Perspective on the Future Ironmaking Process toward Carbon Dioxide Mitigation
(Tohoku U.) (Reg)Ariyama Tatsuro
Steel industry
Carbon dixoide mitigation
383[Invited lecture] Global trends in finance and investment leading to accelerated greenhouse gas reduction
(Renewable-EI) Sueyoshi Takejiro
ESG investment
670[Requested talk] Global Trend of CO2 Utilization (second report)
(IAE) (Reg)Kurosawa Atsushi
CO2 utilization
Paris Agreement
751[Requested talk] R&D trends in CO2 capture technology
(AIST) (Reg)Endo Akira
CO2 Capture
Separation Process
822[Requested talk] Carbon-neutral coproduction of power, chemicals and iron
(Kyushu U.) *(Reg)Hayashi Jun-ichiro, (Reg)Kudo Shinji, (Kyoto U.) (Reg)Mae Kazuhiro
fossil fuel

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List of received applications
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