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List of received applications (By topics code) [Japanese]

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F: Chemical Industry Technology ForumF-1: Evaluation and Extension of Remaining Life of Aged Chemical Equipment <Closed session>8**80
HC: Session organized by Center/Committee etc.HC-11: Substantial Reduction of GHG Emissions From Industrial Sector And Contribution of CCUS Technologies <Closed session>6**60
HC-12: Woman Engineers Forum <Closed session>6**60
HC-13: 2019 SCEJ Internship Meeting <Closed session>9***90
HC-14: Symposium of Fukushima Reconstruction and Decommissioning Technologies <Closed session>4*40
HQ: Session organized by Headquarters/BranchesHQ-21: How Young Researchers are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering <Closed session>15*****015
IS: IChES 2020 General sessionIS-1: IChES 2020 General session12****120
K: International SymposiumK-1: Recent Gas Hydrate Researches for Building a Sustainable Society <Closed session>10***100
K-2: Recent Progress in Energy Conversion and Storage - Nanomaterials Synthesis - <Closed session>6**60
K-3: Recent Progress in Energy Conversion and Storage - Devices and Systems - <Closed session>5*50
K-4: Particle Production Processes Using Precipitation <Closed session>5*50
K-5: Hydrogen Safety Conference Osaka 2020 <Closed session>9***90
SP: Session organized by Industry (Poster)SP-9: Utilization of AI Technology for the Future and Steady Efforts to Improve On-Site Capabilities (Poster session) <Closed session>11***011
SP-10: Unit Operations that Should Not be Forgotten -(Separation Technology Examples and Latest Trends)- (Poster session) <Closed session>14****014
SS: Session organized by IndustrySS-1: Technical Innovations to Sustain Japanese Industry <Closed session>4*40
SS-2: Research Report Meeting on Advanced Chemical Production Systems through Industry-Academia Cooperation <Closed session>8**80
SS-4: An Innovative Production Process That Reinvigorates Japanese Manufacturing "Continuous Flow Chemistry" <Closed session>5*50
SS-5: Management Issues of Chemistry Related Industries - SDGs and Circular Economy - <Closed session>5*50
SS-6: Challenges to the Plastic Supply Chain for Non-Fossil Resources <Closed session>4*40
SS-7: Utilization of AI Technology for the Future and Steady Efforts to Improve On-Site Capabilities <Closed session>7**70
SS-8: Unit Operations That Should Not be Forgotten -(Separation Technology Examples and Latest Trends)- <Closed session>4*40
SV: Chemical Engineering Vision SymposiumSV-1: SCEJ Vision Symposium 5 - Making the Sapporo Declaration in Action toward the Achievement of SDGs4*40
X: Seminar / Other programsX-51: The Seminar of Fluid & Particle Processing Division <Closed session>3*30
0: SCEJ Awards presentation0-a: The SCEJ Award110
0-b: The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Research Achievement220
0-c: The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Young Researcher3*30
0-d: The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological Development110
1: Fundamental properties1-a: Equilibrium, Transport properties23*******914
1-b: Solid properties202
1-e: Others101
2: Fluid & particle processing2-a: Heat- & mass-fluid engineering13***85
2-b: Mixing15****87
2-c: Fluidized bed321
2-d: Bubble column422
2-e: Multiphase flow7**07
2-f: Particle processing11***56
2-g: Others101
3: Thermal engineering3-a: Thermal unit operations110
3-b: Combustion, plasma, heat transfer220
3-c: Heat exchanger101
3-f: Others3*30
4: Separation processes4-a: Membrane engineering64*********************2242
4-b: Solid-liquid separation12***102
4-c: Distillation422
4-d: Absorption5*14
4-e: Adsorption, ion exchange13****49
4-f: Extraction5*23
4-g: Crystallization101
4-h: Drying5*14
4-j: Others101
5: Chemical reaction engineering5-a: Catalytic reaction engineering31*********1120
5-b: Sono-processes110
5-c: Radical chemistry5*05
5-d: Reactive separation5*14
5-e: Reactors4*13
5-f: Micro chemical processes8**17
5-g: Biomass6*24
5-h: CVD & dry processes9**54
5-i: Others202
6: Systems, information, and simulation technologies6-b: Process engineering7**43
6-c: Process dynamics211
6-d: Process control6*42
6-e: Optimization5*23
6-f: Informatics4*31
6-g: Others321
7: Biochemical engineering7-a: Bioprocesses32**********725
7-b: Bioreaction5*05
7-c: Bioseparation8**26
7-d: Gene7*25
7-e: Medical29*********425
7-f: Bioinformatics211
7-h: Food engineering220
7-i: Others422
8: Supercritical fluid8-b: Fundamental properties4*13
8-c: Separation, extraction7**16
8-d: Reaction & conversion6**06
8-e: Materials processing & production14****68
8-f: Environmentally benign processes4*13
9: Energy engineering9-a: Energy development321
9-b: Heat storage, enhancement, & transfer technologies5*14
9-c: Carbonaceous resources utilization9***63
9-d: Thermal energy utilization312
9-e: New energies & energy systems37************1324
9-f: Others422
10: Safety10-h: Materials safety110
10-i: Others101
11: Electronics11-a: Electrochemical process (battery, electroplating, etc.)8**26
11-b: Electronic material processing (semiconductor production, manufacture of electronic circuit, etc.)202
11-c: Micro-processing (etching, thin film, etc.)101
12: Materials engineering & interfacial phenomena12-a: Interface control23*******158
12-b: Emulsion4*31
12-c: Functional particles14****410
12-d: Nanoparticles21******516
12-e: Gel technology8**53
12-f: Microcapsule202
12-g: Crystallization20******812
12-h: Coating technology312
12-i: Microstructure formation & complex molecular assembly3*03
12-j: Functionalized polymer material6*24
12-k: Materials processing7*52
12-l: Materials rheology110
12-m: Others7*25
13: Environmental engineering13-a: Water environmental processes321
13-b: Wastewater treatment11***56
13-c: Risk & management of chemical substances312
13-d: Method for designing recycling-based society422
13-e: Recycling technology6*15
13-f: Global environment101
13-g: CO2 problems8**71
13-i: Others7**34
14: Wide area14-c: Education321
100: cancel100: cancel14****86
Symposium presentaions: 164,General presentaions: 665,Others: 0,Total: 829

List of received applications
SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting (2020)
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