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Presentation Guide [Japanese]

Photographing and recording are prohibited.

Oral Presentation

Speech time General presentations : 15 minutes for speech and 4 minutes for discussion.
Invited lectures : 35 minutes for speech, 5 minutes for discussion.
PC, etc Using a PC projector. (No overhead projector.)
Please take your PC (and VGA adapter if needed) with you.

Poster Presentation

Postersize Board size is W 900 mm, H 1500-1800 mm. Preferred maximum postersize is 'A0' (W 841 mm, H 1189 mm).
Session time
(PS-A to PS-E)
The session time is 120 min.
The first 80 minutes of the session is set as a core time for the presentations with odd-number, and the core time for the even-number presentations (80 min.) starts at 40 min.
(The both core times overlap for 40 min.)
Method for display Using pins.
Display and Remove By yourself.

SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting (2020)
IChES 2020