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Chemical Industry Technology Forum [Japanese]

F-1 Evaluation and Extension of Remaining Life of Aged Chemical Equipment

Mar. 17 (Tue) 9:00-12:00 Hall B (Program)

Division of Chemical Plant Material Engineering
SHIBASAKI Toshikazu (Chiyoda Corp.)
UMEDA Isamu (Dai-Ichi High Frequency)
New chemical plant construction is rare in Japan recently, and the key is how to operate aged equipment safely while extending its service life. Symposium on the life extension of and the issues related to the aging of chemical equipment will be conducted, focusing on the residual creep life assessment of metal materials used at high temperatures and pressures as discussed in the Division of Chemical Plant Material Engineering, and topics related to evaluating organic material member and extending the life using organic materials. On-site cases of corrosion damages or costs will be also discussed.