SCEJSCEJ 化学工学会第87年会 2022.3.16(水) - 3.18(金) 神戸大学 鶴甲第1キャンパス / オンライン English page
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K-1. [MI] Recent Researches on Material Structure Control Technology for Functional Expression<オンライン><公募なし>

オーガナイザー: Tanaka Shunsuke(Kansai Univ.)Kubo Masaru(Hiroshima Univ.)Iwamura Shinichiroh(Hokkaido Univ.)

This is an international symposium on cutting-edge technology for material structure control and their applications. We invite Prof. Hsien-Yeh Chen of National Taiwan University who has won 2021 The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer for the keynote speech of this symposium. We also invite domestic and foreign researchers working on the synthesis of porous organic-inorganic materials to discuss about the hierarchical structure control for functional expression. We hope this symposium will be fruitful and contribute to discuss the recent progress in design of advanced materials for application to separation, catalytic reaction, energy devices, electronics, and so on.


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