SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting Mar. 16 (Wed) - Mar. 18 (Fri), 2022 Kobe University, Tsurukabuto 1st Campus / Online
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Proceedings IChES 2022

The proceedings of IChES 2022 will be published. The applicants to the IChES 2022 sessions (except the winners of The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer) are asked to select whether you want to publish your Proceedings.

Topics codeSession name
IS-1IChES 2022 General session
K-1Recent Researches on Material Structure Control Technology for Functional Expression (tentative)
K-2CO2 Separation and Utilization in Aseania 2022
K-3Supercritical Fluid Division 20th Anniversary International Session
K-4Recent Research and Development of Micro Chemical Process and Synthesis
K-5Materials Development Inovated by Fluid Flow
K-6Advances in Downstream Processing of Biologics
K-7The Cutting-Edge Environmental Biotechnology: Challenges for Sustainable Society and Global Warming

Details of the Proceedings

The proceedings of IChES 2022 will be published on-line on J-STAGE site under the conditions below:

Download the template file from the link below and strictly follow the prescribed format. Manuscripts that do not follow this template will not be processed.

DOWNLOAD Template File
(IChES 2022 Proceedings Manuscript Style Guide)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: (@→@)