SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting Mar. 16 (Wed) - Mar. 18 (Fri), 2022 Kobe University, Tsurukabuto 1st Campus / Online Japanese page
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Session organized by Industry

Session organized by Industry

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SS-1 Technological Innovation that Supports Japanese Industry (Oral) <Virtual/Live>

Mar. 17 (Thu) 9:00-12:00 Hall F (Program)

Organized by
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
The chemical industry needs to aim to promote and improve people's "health, security and happiness", and is required to change from "Efficiency" to "Sufficiency". In particular, the spread of COVID-19 has led to remarkable promotion of Dx technology, which has affected not only local digitalization and improvement of business processes, but also business models and organizational transformation levels. Therefore, in this session, we will select themes with "Introduction of AI and DX" in mind and introduce the latest technologies.
SS-2 Secondary Batteries that Contribute to a Carbon-free Society
-Development, Commercialization, Recycling, and Future Prospects- (Oral) <Virtual/Live>

Mar. 17 (Thu) 13:30-17:10 Hall F (Program)

Organized by
Industrial Development Workshop, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
The trend of decarbonization is accelerating globally toward a sustainable global environment. Japan declared that it aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, and electricity storage has become an important technology in the conversion to non-fossil energy and the spread of renewable energy. In this session, we will focus on secondary batteries, which are expected to make a significant contribution to decarbonization. The latest technological trends and prospects, material development, process development, recycling technology, and developments in the automobile industry will be introduced.
SS-3 "Management Problems in the Chemical industry"
Discussion about the Chemical Industry toward 2050
-Aiming for Carbon Neutrality- (Oral) <Virtual(Online)>

Mar. 17 (Thu) 13:00-17:30 Hall G (Program)

Organized by
Research Management Committee, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
COVID-19 closes up the problems of "global warming" and "economic disparity" brought about by the neoliberal economy. In particular, disasters caused by abnormal weather that occur frequently all over the world require the world to take immediate action against "global warming", which is an urgent issue in Japan as well. This issue could be a life-and-death problem for the chemical industries, and the company steering with an eye on 2050 becomes important. This time, with a "new capitalist society" in mind, we will introduce changes in the corporate environment, global trends, and advanced companies.Through such activities, we will discuss the long-term outlook for Japan's chemical industry toward 2050.
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SS-4 Challenges of Chemical Industry Aiming at Carbon Resource Circulation (Oral) <Virtual/Live>

Mar. 18 (Fri) 9:00-12:00 Hall F (Program)

Organized by
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
Social interest increases for realization of "the 2050 carbon neutral". Problem solution by the innovation creation is expected in the chemical industry. This session introduces vision as a chemical industry and innovation about methanation, chemical fiber recycling, bottle recycling. An opportunity to find future direction will be provided.
SS-5 Efforts to Improve on-site Capabilities by Utilizing Digital Technology for the Future (Oral) <Virtual/Live>

Mar. 18 (Fri) 12:55-17:10 Hall F (Program)

Organized by
SCE-Network, Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
In this session, we will discuss issues at manufacturing sites such as research and development, production, and logistics, as well as plant construction and equipment maintenance sites, including the world of 5G in production efficiency and simulation, equipment and process optimization and automation, and communication. Introducing specific examples of utilization of cutting-edge digital technology and examples of aging plants that are useful for equipment maintenance and inspection and evaluation from a safety perspective.
SS-6 Unit Operation Which Should Not be Forgotten
-(Powder Handling Technology to create New Value)- (Oral/Poster) <Virtual(Online)>

Mar. 18 (Fri) 13:00-17:10 Hall G (Program)

Organized by
Center for Academia-Industry Exchange
A chemical plant process is a combination of basic unit operations. However, in the actual process, there are many events that cannot be dealt with by the overview of unit operations in textbooks. Under such circumstances, each company will introduce examples of correspondence and the latest technologies. The theme of this time is "Powder Handling Technology" that includes many basic unit operations.