SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting Mar. 16 (Wed) - Mar. 18 (Fri), 2022 Kobe University, Tsurukabuto 1st Campus / Online Japanese page
Last Update: 2022-03-10 17:48:57

Important Notice

The SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting is planning to be an On-site (Kobe University) /Virtual (Zoom) hybrid meeting.
- There are two session types, Virtual/Live (hybrid) session and Virtual (online-only) session. (Yellow back on Technical sessions denotes the hybrid session.)
- All presentations will be streamed on the internet.
- All speakers and audiences can be attended at On-site (Kobe University) or remote (on the internet) whichever the session type is.

"Virtual/Live" Session"Virtual" (Online-only) Session
Attend at Kobe Univ.You can attend to the Streaming-live venue. If you are a speaker, please bring your PC equipped with HDMI Type A.We provide a Wi-Fi network at Kobe University. Please access to GOING VIRTUAL over the internet with your Zoom-installed PC.
Remote attendanceAccess to GOING VIRTUAL from your Office/School/Home with your Zoom-installed PC.


- Recording are prohibited.

- Presentation is considered as "automatic public transmission". The speaker is responsible for this.

Depending on the future situation of coronavirus (COVID-19), it can be changed to a completely virtual meeting. You cannot attend the Meeting at Kobe University in this case. Therefore, please answer the question "OnlineAvailable" on the Application form. We will provide a presentation spot. If you have any requests, please write in the "OnlineCircumstances" box on the Application form.

Contact Tel/Mail for Speaker

Please fill in "SpeakerContactTel" / "SpeakerContactMail". These are only for emergency contact to the speaker. (No other messages will be sent to these contacts.)

Proceedings of IChES 2022 (only for IS-1, K-1 to K-7)

Proceedings of IChES 2022 will be pulished on-line and open access. The applicants to the IChES 2022 sessions (except the winners of The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer) are asked to select whether you want to publish your Proceedings. Please refer the IChES 2022 Proceedings page.

The question will not be shown when you are making an application to the other sessions.

Press Release of Featured Presentaions

As an initiative to disseminate information from the SCEJ, the Organizing Committee will select "Featured presentations" and will post a press release. [Press release of 52nd Autumn Meeting]. Select your request. The Committee will make hearing if you have selected "Yes". (Please note that the Committee may not be able to meet your request and that the Committee may select from non-requested presentations.)

Notice for students

The undergraduate and master-course students can apply to poster presentation only in the Annual Meetings (except for Organized session; see next).

Organized session

"5-h CVD & dry processes" in General session is organinzed by the CVD Reactions Subdivision of the Division of Chemical Reaction Engineering. Undergraduate and master-course student can also apply to oral presentation if the student has the recommendation by a SCEJ Regular Member. Please write the name and mail address of the recommender in the "Remark" box on the application form.

Poster session

The posters will be displayed on GOING VIRTUAL from Mar. 15 to Mar. 19.
The size of poster is "A0 LANDSCAPE".

Poster Award Entry

The remarkable poster presentations made by student members will be awarded. The entry is required for Poster award. Please select your choice on the "PosterAwardEntry" question on the application form.

Speaker (except Invited person) is requested to make registration

The Speaker (except Invited person) is requested to make the Registration by a week before the Meeting.

Speaker (SCEJ Individual Member) is requested to pay SCEJ 2022 Annual Fee

The Speaker (except SCEJ honorary member, Invited person, Requested Speaker, Individual member of co-organizing academic societies or institutes, or Individual member of AIChE, CIESC, DECHEMA, KIChE, TwIChE) is requested to pay SCEJ 2022 (Mar.2022-Feb.2023) Annual Fee.