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K-2. [SP] CO2 Separation and Utilization in Aseania 2022<オンライン><公募なし>

オーガナイザー: Kamio Eiji(Kobe Univ.)Alcantara Avila J. Rafael(Kyoto Univ.)Sotowa Ken-Ichiro(Kyoto Univ.)Yoshioka Tomohisa(Kobe Univ.)

Development of CO2 separation technologies are accelerated around the world to eliminate CO2 emissions by 2050. This is an international symposium for the development of membranes and membrane processes for CO2 separation. Dr. Serene Lock Sow Mun, who have been awarded "The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer 2021", are invited to give a plenary lecture. Researchers working on development of advanced membranes and membrane processes for CO2 separation are also invited to discuss widely fundamentals and applications of CO2 separation membranes. We hope this symposium will contribute to develop powerful CO2 separation processes using membrane technology.

In this session, times for the presentations including speech and discussion are 45 min and 30 min for the plenary lecture and each invited presentation, respectively.


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