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Access [Japanese]

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Access to the Korimoto Campus, Kagoshima University

By Tram

From Tenmonkan and City Hall area:

Take the “Route 2” Tram for Korimoto.
Get off at “[N17] Kogakubu-mae” or “[N16] Toso”.
- If you take the “Route 1” Tram, get off at “[I14] Kishaba” and walk to the west (10 minutes).
The fare is a flat rate at 170 JPY.

From JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station:

Take the Tram for Korimoto.
Approx. 7-8 minutes, 170 JPY.
Get off at “[N17] Kogakubu-mae” or “[N16] Toso”.

From Kagoshima Airport to JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station

Get on an airport shuttle bus at busstop No.2.
Approx. 40-55 minutes, 1,250 JPY.
Get off at Kagoshima-Chuo Station and transfer to the Tram.

By Taxi

When taking a taxi, please make sure to mention “Korimoto Campus” in order to avoid confusion between the other campuses.
Get off at the front of the Gate near “Houbun gakubu-mae” bus stop on the “Kourai Hon Dori” Street.
From JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station: About 5 minutes, approx. 1000 JPY.
From Kagoshima Airport: About 40 minutes, approx. 11,000 JPY (incl. Toll).

Access to the Banquet (Jade Garden Palace)

By Tram

From Korimoto Campus: Take the “Route 2” Tram for Kagoshimaeki-mae.
From JR Kagoshima-Chuo station: Take the “Route 2” Tram for Korimoto.
Get off at “[N14] Shiritsu byoin-mae” or “[N13] Nakasudori”.
About 3 minutes walk from the Tram stop.

By Taxi

If the driver does not know the “Jade Garden Palace”, mention “Kagoshima Shiritsu Byoin” (Kagoshima City Hospital)) to the driver.