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General Information & Schedule [Japanese]

General Information

Date September 18(Tue) - 20(Thu), 2018
Place Kagoshima University Korimoto Campus
Korimoto 1-21-24, Kagoshima 890-8580, Japan
Sponsor The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
Major Programs
  • Vision Symposium
  • Special Symposium
  • Trans-Division Symposium
  • Division Symposium
  • others


Date September 19(Wed) 2018; 18:00-20:00
Place Jade Garden Palace(access, web)


Application May 7(Mon) - June 15(Fri), 2018
Manuscript Submission July 2(Mon) - August 21(Tue), 2018
Abstract OPEN September 4(Tue), 2018
Earlybird Registration July 2(Mon) - August 21(Tue), 2018 [Period I/II]
After the end of Earlybird Registration period, please use the On-site Registration.


Individual member of cosponsoring academic society can be registered as "Individual member of cosponsoring academic society".

The names of cosponsoring academic societies will be appeared here.

SP-3 [Special Symposium]
Chemical Engineering for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
Catalysis Society of Japan
Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan
The Japan Petroleum Institute
The Japan Institute of Energy
ST-25 [Trans-Division Symposium]
CVD and Dry Process
Cat-CVD Society of Japan
CVD Society of Japan
ST-32 [Trans-Division Symposium]
Bacterial Biofilm Formation and Application of Immobilized Cells for Bioprocess
Japan Society for Environmental Biotechnology
SY-67 [Symposium of Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies]
Information Integration and Modeling Approaches
ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) Japan Affiliate
SY-71 [Symposium of Division of Biochemical Engineering]
Role of Chemical Engineering (Food Engineering) in Food Science
Japan Society for Food Engineering