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ST-23. [SP,MI,EN] [Trans-Division Symposium] Approach to Urban Mine Recycling [Japanese]

Organizer(s): Oshima Tatsuya (Univ. of Miyazaki), Ohto Keisuke (Saga Univ.), Murayama Norihiro (Kansai Univ.), Nakai Satoshi (Hiroshima Univ.), Gotoh Takehiko (Hiroshima Univ.)

The Tokyo organising committee of the olympic and paralympic games plans to collect gold, silver, and copper from "urban mine", which contains waste electronic and electrical equipment such as mobile phones, in order to manufacture the winning medals for Tokyo 2020. As the development and recycling of urban mine is an important topic for Japan, the Trans-Division symposium is to be held in the SCEJ 50 annual meeting. In addition to invited lectures, the symposium is open for general oral presentations by researchers in a wide range of fields including separation, environment and materials.

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SCEJ 50th Autumn Meeting (Kagoshima, 2018)