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ST-21. [CR,SP,EE,MI] [Trans-Division Symposium] Hydrogen Production and Purification for Successful Implementation of Renewable Energy in Society [Japanese]

Organizer(s): Kikuchi Ryuji (Univ. of Tokyo), Otomo Junichiro (Univ. of Tokyo), Tamaki Takanori (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Kanezashi Masakoto (Hiroshima Univ.), Nishiyama Satoru (Kobe Univ.)

According to the 2015 Paris agreement, Japan's greenhouse gas reduction target is 26% of the emission in 2013 by 2030. To achieve this goal continuous and mass introduction of renewable energy resources is indispensable by converting the renewables to chemical species such as hydrogen. This symposium calls for presentations on research and development of materials, membrane technologies, and reaction processes for hydrogen production and purification.

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SCEJ 50th Autumn Meeting (Kagoshima, 2018)