International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2020

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Plenary lecture

Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall X(BIG Hall 100)
X202 “Contribution of hydrogen-related technologies for realizing decarbonized power systems” (9:20– 10:00)

(U. Tokyo) Matsuhashi Ryuji

Invited lecture

Day 1(Mar. 15), Hall R(Bldg.3 1F 3101)
R116 “Evolution of gas hydrate researches adopting crystallization, fluid science, and biomaterials” (14:00– 14:40)

(Seoul Nat. U.) Seo Yutaek
R118 “Natural gas hydrates as an energy resource -Development of gas production methods based on its reservoir properties” (14:40– 15:20)

(U. Tokyo) Konno Yoshihiro
R121 “Gas Hydrates Prospects and Challenges” (15:40– 16:20)

(CSIR-NGRI) Pinnelli S. R. Prasad
R123 “Preservation and dissociation of gas hydrates below ice point” (16:20– 16:50)

(AIST) Takeya Satoshi
R124 “Gas hydrates in icy planetary bodies as a thermal insulator” (16:50– 17:20)

(Kobe U.) *Tani Atsushi, (Hokkaido U.) Kamata Shunichi, (UCSC) Nimmo Francis, (Tokyo Tech) Sekine Yasuhito, (Hokkaido U.) Kuramoto Kiyoshi, (Tokushima U.) Noguchi Naoki, (Osaka U.) Kimura Jun
Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall R(Bldg.3 1F 3101)
R204 “Investigation of the Metal-Organic Framework/Polyimide Construction via Molecular Simulation” (10:10– 10:50)

(Nat. Central U.) Chang Bor Kae
R208 “Morphologically Tuned Lithium Silicate Based Ceramic Nanostructures for Enhanced CO2 Sorption” (11:20– 12:00)

(CSIR-NIIST) *U. S. Hareesh, P. V. Subha, V. Vijayan, R. Achu, (Noritake) Balagopal N. Nair
R214 “Nano-catalyst Engineering for Hydrogen Storage and Delivery Utilizing Formic Acid as a Carrier” (13:30– 14:10)

(Osaka U.) Mori Kohsuke
R219 “Progress and outlook of proton-conducting ceramic fuel cells for highly efficient energy conversion, electrolysis, and energy carrier” (15:10– 15:40)

(U. Tokyo) Otomo Junichiro
R221 “PEMFC modeling based on characterization of effective diffusivity in cathode catalyst layer” (15:40– 16:20)

(Korea Inst. Energy Res.) Sohn Young-Jun
R223 “Redox Flow Batteries for Large-scale Electrical Energy Storage: The Third Generation” (16:20– 17:00)

(Osaka U.) Tsushima Shohji
Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall S(Bldg.3 2F 3201)
S201 “Supercooling phenomenon during regeneration of semiclathrate hydrate controlled by solution structure” (9:00– 9:40)

(Panasonic) Machida Hironobu
S203 “Molecular behavior of guest molecules in clathrate hydrates by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations” (9:40– 10:20)

(Kogakuin U.) Hiratsuka Masaki
S206 “Gas separation processes with semi-clathrate hydrate slurry based on phase equilibria” (10:40– 11:20)

(Niigata U.) Komatsu Hiroyuki
S208 “Structures of the dodecahedral water cages formed in semiclathrate hydrates” (11:20– 11:50)

(AIST) Muromachi Sanehiro
Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall X(BIG Hall 100)
X215 “Summary of High Pressure Gas Safety Act And Accidents / Incidents of HRS In Japan” (13:40– 14:00)

(KHK) Yabuki Takahiro
X216 “Regulatory reform on HRS” (14:00– 14:20)

(JPEC) Kawashima Yoshimi
X217 “Status on Activities for HRS Safety in Japan” (14:20– 14:40)

(HySUT) Ikeda Tatsufumi
X218 “Safety Education” (14:40– 15:00)

(Osaka U.) Momose Hideki
X220 “JXTG's Efforts toward the Realization of Hydrogen utilized Society” (15:20– 15:40)

(JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy) Minoda Ai
X221 “Green Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project for Sector Integration” (15:40– 16:00)

(Asahi Kasei) Usui Taketoshi
X222 “Yamanashi Prefecture P2G Project” (16:00– 16:20)

(Yamanashi Pref. Enterprise Bureau) Sakamoto Masaki
X223 “Demonstration Project of Smart Community using Hydrogen Co-generation System” (16:20– 16:40)

(Kawasaki Heavy Industries) *Ashikaga Mitsugu, (Obayashi) Kajiki Moriya
Day 3(Mar. 17), Hall S(Bldg.3 2F 3201)
S303 “Strategy to Obtain Crystals of Better Quality Converting the Concept from Precipitation to Reaction Crystallization” (9:40– 10:10)

(Waseda U.) Hirasawa Izumi
S305 “Reaction crystallization in secondary battery materials” (10:30– 11:00)

(Tsukishima Kikai) Doya You

Requested talk

Day 2(Mar. 16), Hall R(Bldg.3 1F 3101)
R203 “Synthesis and control of nanostructured carbon particles via spray and liquid phase route” (9:40– 10:10)

(Hiroshima U.) Ogi Takashi
R206 “Nanomaterials for Electrodes of Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis” (10:50– 11:20)

(Tokyo Tech) Tamaki Takanori
R213 “Porous carbon materials as electrodes for redox flow batteries” (13:00– 13:30)

(Gunma U.) Ishitobi Hirokazu

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