International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2020

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List of chairs

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Topics codes and Paper IDs are linked to the programs of the session.

Chair list by session | Chair list by name

Chair list by session

HallDayTimeTopics codeChairPaper ID
R113:0015:20K-1Chair: Sugahara Takeshi, Muromachi SanehiroR113–R118
R115:4017:20K-1Chair: Sugahara Takeshi, Komatsu HiroyukiR121–R124
R29:009:40K-2Chair: Tamaki TakanoriR201
R29:4010:10K-2Chair: Ishitobi HirokazuR203
R210:1010:50K-2Chair: Ogi TakashiR204
R210:5011:20K-2Chair: Ishitobi HirokazuR206
R211:2012:00K-2Chair: Tamaki TakanoriR208
R213:0013:30K-2Chair: Ogi TakashiR213
R213:3014:10K-3Chair: Tsujiguchi TakuyaR214
R214:1014:50K-3Chair: Inoue GenR216
R215:1015:40K-3Chair: Nishimura AkiraR219
R215:4017:00K-3Chair: Inoue GenR221–R223
S29:0010:20K-1Chair: Komatsu Hiroyuki, Muromachi SanehiroS201–S203
S210:4011:50K-1Chair: Sugahara TakeshiS206–S208
S39:4011:00K-4Chair: Funakoshi KunioS303–S305
S311:0011:50K-4Chair: Maeda KoujiS307–S308
T39:0010:20IS-1Chair: Mishima KenjiT301–T304
T310:4012:00IS-1Chair: Ogi TakashiT306–T309
T313:0014:20IS-1Chair: Sotowa Ken-IchiroT313–T316

Chair list by name

ChairPaper ID
Funakoshi KunioS303–S305
Inoue GenR216, R221–R223
Ishitobi HirokazuR203, R206
Komatsu HiroyukiR121–R124, S201–S203
Maeda KoujiS307–S308
Mishima KenjiT301–T304
Muromachi SanehiroR113–R118, S201–S203
Nishimura AkiraR219
Ogi TakashiT306–T309, R204, R213
Sotowa Ken-IchiroT313–T316
Sugahara TakeshiR113–R118, R121–R124, S206–S208
Tamaki TakanoriR201, R208
Tsujiguchi TakuyaR214

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