International Chemical Engineering Symposia 2020

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DivisionSession / Topics nameHallDay 1Day 2Day 3
Opening CeremonyX9:00– 10:40
IChES 2020 General session
IS-1IChES 2020 General sessionT9:00– 14:20
International Symposium
K-1PR SF Recent Gas Hydrate Researches for Building a Sustainable Society (2 Halls)R13:00– 17:20
S9:00– 11:50
K-2MI Recent Progress in Energy Conversion and Storage - Nanomaterials Synthesis -R9:00– 13:30
K-3EE Recent Progress in Energy Conversion and Storage - Devices and Systems -R13:30– 17:00
K-4MI Particle Production Processes Using PrecipitationS9:40– 11:50
K-5Hydrogen Safety Conference Osaka 2020X9:00– 16:50

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