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SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2019)

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Hall and day program : Hall K

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The programs of HC-13, HC-17, K-1 were updated.

Hall K(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 5F 502)

Hall K, Day 2 | Hall K, Day 3
SS-7 | K-4

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall K(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 5F 502), Day 2(Mar. 14)
SS-7 Networking Event for Employment between Japanese Companies & International Students
9:0012:30Please see Hall L
Hall K(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 5F 502), Day 3(Mar. 15)
K-4 The 9th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering -Poster session-
16:0017:00K301Multifunctionality of D-enantiomeric RTHLVFFARK-NH2 in potent inhibition of β-amyloid fibrillogenesis
(Tianjin U.) Dong Xiaoyan
Japan-China Symposium
K302Engineering the oligomeric state of β-glucuronidase for regulated catalytic properties and stability
(Beijing Inst. Tech.) Liu Hu
Japan-China Symposium
K303Bioconversion of crude glycerol into 1,3-propanediol by microbial consortia
(Dalian U. Tech.) Wang Xiaoli
Japan-China Symposium
K304Improved sgRNA design in bacteria via genome-wide activity profiling
(Tsinghua U.) Guo Jiahui
Japan-China Symposium
K305Combinatorial pathway optimization with trackable assemble barcodes and metabolite biosensor in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
(Tsinghua U.) Zhou Yikang
Japan-China Symposium
K306Ligand diffusion dynamics of Candida Antarctica Lipase B using MD-MSM method
(Tsinghua U.) Lu Chenlin
Japan-China Symposium
K307Mechanism investigation on the treatment of ulcerative colitis by non-anticoagulant heparin derivatives
(Tsinghua U.) Zeng Wen
Japan-China Symposium
K308Pretreatment of spiramycin fermentation residue using hyperthermophilic digestion: quick startup and performance
(Chinese Academy of Sciences) Zhe Tian
Japan-China Symposium
K309Enhanced degradation of kanamycin from production wastewater with hydrothermal treatment
(Chinese Academy of Sciences) Mei Tang
Japan-China Symposium
K310Environmental evaluation on soil amelioration using desulfurization gypsum and waste concrete in China
(Kogakuin U.) (Reg)Sakai Yuji
Japan-China Symposium
K311Microfabrication of Ultra-thin ECM Films for Controlled Cell Coculture Systems
(Chiba U.) (Stu)Iwadate Hideki
Japan-China Symposium
K312Development of a sensor for monitoring vancomycin in whole blood using electrode grafted molecularly imprinted polymer
(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) (Stu)Eguchi Haruto
Japan-China Symposium
K313Neurotransmitter Imaging for Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Psychotropic Drugs by using the Neurotransmitter-Imprinted Nanoparticles
(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) (Stu)Katsumata Yuto
Japan-China Symposium
K314Microfabrication of Polystyrene using Two-Step Imprinting for Application toward Brain-on-Chip
(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) (Stu)Teshima Narumi
Japan-China Symposium
K315Amperometric monitoring of released histamine from rat basophilic leukemia cell line based on cup-stacked carbon nanofibers modified with histamine dehydrogenase
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Komatsu Yuto, (Reg)Komori Kikuo, (Reg)Sakai Yasuyuki
Japan-China Symposium
K316Detection of Bacteria using Peptide-Modified Pore Sensor
(Tokyo Tech) Sekido Rintaro
Japan-China Symposium
K317Dynamic Control of ECM by In Situ Conjugation of Bioactive Peptides in Capsule Culture
(U. Tokyo) (Stu)Oki Yuichiro
Japan-China Symposium
17:0017:10Closing remark

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