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SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2019)

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Session programs : HC-16

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HC-16 Woman Engineers Forum

Organizers: Tokoro Chiharu (Waseda Univ.), Okochi Mina (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Nomura Mikihiro (Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)

This session includes the SCEJ Award lectures for outstanding women's activity and technical sessions of new functional material development and processes by female researchers. By introducing role models, we encourage young female engineers, researchers, and students learn about their careers from here on out.

Hall I, Day 2

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall I(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 407), Day 2(Mar. 14)
(13:00–14:20) (Chair: Tokoro Chiharu)
13:0013:20I213[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity] Diversity and ethanol
(JXTG Energy) (Cor)Ohno Mami
The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity
13:2013:40I214[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity] Development of Microreactor Systems from a Female Point of View
(Hitachi) (Reg)Asano Yukako
The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Women's Activity
13:4014:20I215[Invited lecture] Activities to promote gender-equality of Shibaura Institute of Technology and my activities for medical safety
(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) Ohkura Michiko
medical safety
(14:40–15:20) (Chair: Okochi Mina)
14:4015:00I218[Requested talk] Thinking Process Design for a Chemical Plant of the Future
(Kobe U.) *Gion Keiko, Tsuruta Hiroki, (Kaneka) (Reg·SPCE)Ueda Masahiro, (Reg)Ueda Takashi, (Reg·SPCE)Kanda Akihisa, (Kobe U.) (Reg)Ohmura Naoto
innovation thinking
divergent and convergent thinking
15:0015:20I219[Requested talk] Installation of continuous flow reactor for pharmaceutical production
(Kaneka) *(Reg)Ozasa Shiori, (Reg)Toyoda Tomoyuki, (Cor)Ohishi Takahiro, (Cor)Yasukouchi Hiroaki
Flow Reactor
Continuous reactor
Process Intensification
(15:20–16:20) (Chair: Nomura Mikihiro)
15:2015:40I220[Requested talk] Dissolution behavior of a microbubble and its application for material synthesis
(Keio U.) (Reg)Fujioka Satoko
micro bubble
15:4016:00I221[Requested talk] Flow Control in a Microchannel - Elastic Instability of Viscoelastic Fluids and Flow Focusing to Produce Double Emulsions -
(Kobe U.) (Reg)Hidema Ruri
Elastic Instability
Flow Focusing
16:0016:20I222[Requested talk] Functionalization and structural control of organic-inorganic perovskites
(Sophia U.) Takeoka Yuko
organic-inorganic hybrid
layered structure

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