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SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2019)

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Session programs : SS-5

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SS-5 Unit Operation Which Should Not be Forgotten - (Practical Powder Handling Technology) -

Organizer: Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

The chemical plant process is a combination of basic unit operations. However, in the actual process, there are many events that can not be dealt with by the unit operation overview in the textbook. In such circumstances, we will introduce correspondence examples and the latest technology of each company. The theme of this time is "practical powder handling technology".

Hall A, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301), Day 3(Mar. 15)
(13:00–13:40) (Chair: Kujime Masahiro)
13:0013:40A313[Requested talk] Implementation of wisdom
(Waseda U.) (Reg)Hirasawa Izumi
crystal quality
(13:40–14:20) (Chair: Suda Hideki)
13:4014:20A315[Invited lecture] Hints for Design of Bulk Solid Handling Plants
(Fluid Eng.) Konami Moriyoshi
Bulk solid
Plant Design
(14:20–15:00) (Chair: Kujime Masahiro)
14:2015:00A317[Invited lecture] The latest trend of spray dryers
(Ohkawara Kakohki) (Cor)Nashida Takeshi
Spray dryer
(15:00–15:40) (Chair: Yoshinaga Tomomi)
15:0015:40A319[Invited lecture] Measures to mitigate the damage of dust explosion
(Fenwal Controls of Japan) Ohara Kazuteru
Dust Explosion
Explosion Protection Measures
Suppression System

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