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SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2019)

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Keynote lecture

Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z113 “Chemical Engineering for Cooking Science” (13:05– 13:20)

(Tohoku U.) Adschiri Tadafumi
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall C(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 303)
C201 “Structure of social implementation issues in Chemical Engineering” (9:00– 9:40)

(TUAT) Horio Masayuki
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall J(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 408)
J213 “On the safety management system employing remote monitoring technologies considering non-supposed events such as IT troubles, terrorism and so on” (13:10– 14:00)

(Kogakuin U.) Kimura Yuji
J215 “Process Data Analytics Induced by Slowness Principle” (14:00– 14:50)

(Tsinghua U.) Shang Chao
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z215 “Challenges and Next Steps in Japan's Manufacturing industries of the AI and IoT era.” (13:40– 14:20)

(METI) Ueda Yoji
Z217 “Trends of AI Technologies relevant to Operation and Maintenance of Chemical Plants” (14:20– 15:00)

(AIST) Tsujii Junichi
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall J(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 408)
J301 “Reduction of Excess Activated Sludge and Aeration Energy in Activated Sludge Processes by a High Pressure Jet Device” (9:00– 9:50)

(TUAT) Hosomi Masaaki
J303 “The Situation of Waste Generation and Disposal in China” (9:50– 10:40)

(Tsinghua U.) Wang Wei

Invited lecture

Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301)
A114 “Challenges for Global Warming Mitigation by the Steel Industry” (13:20– 14:00)

(Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal) Murakami Hideki
A116 “Present status and outlook of the technologies for CO2 reduction, storage, utilization in concrete sector” (14:00– 14:40)

(Kajima) Torichigai Takeshi
A119 “CO2 emission reduction and carbon recycle energy system” (15:00– 15:40)

(IAE) Sakai Susumu
A121 “GHG reduction by utilizing unused resource” (15:40– 16:20)

(U. Tokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall T(Multi-Act. Bldg. 4F 402)
T123 “Dynamic Measurement of Micro Fluidics” (16:30– 17:30)

(U. Tokyo) Sakai Keiji
Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z114 “Microorganisms in the Fermentation Process of Miso (Japanese Soybean Paste)” (13:20– 13:40)

(Tokyo U. Agri.) Kashiwagi Yutaka
Z116 “Prediction and control of hardness of vegetables during cooking with water” (14:00– 14:20)

(Ochanomizu U.) Kasai Midori
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301)
A201 “Research frontier of photonic quantum computing” (9:00– 9:40)

(U. Tokyo) Takeda Shuntaro
A203 “Development of Massive Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Technology (SPERA Hydrogen System) and Its prospects” (9:40– 10:20)

(Chiyoda) Okada Yoshimi
A206 “Artificial Photosynthesis solving Resources, Energy, and Environmental Issues” (10:40– 11:20)

(Tokyo U. Sci.) Kudo Akihiko
A208 “"MUJIN" as the platform of Industrial Robots in next generation” (11:20– 12:00)

(MUJIN) Abe Shohta
A216 “Development of KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer PHBH” (14:00– 14:40)

(Kaneka) Fukuda Ryuji
A218 “"Circulate Everything" -when our challenge becomes a new standard-” (14:40– 15:20)

(JEPLAN) Takao Masaki
A220 “Refine group businesses for sustainable society” (15:20– 16:00)

(Refine Holdings) Kawase Yasuhito
A222 “Resources Recycling in the Metal Finishing Process” (16:00– 16:40)

(Sanshin Mfg.) Kitagawa Tominori
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall B(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 302)
B216 “Sustainable long-term management towards 2030” (13:50– 14:40)

(Cre-en) Sonoda Ayako
B218 “Technology innovations of Kao Group for a sustainable society” (14:40– 15:20)

(Kao) Kubo Hideaki
B221 “KAITEKI and SDGs - Efforts of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings group -” (15:30– 16:10)

(Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings) Kanda Mina
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall C(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 303)
C203 “Development and implementation of innovative bioethanol production technology” (9:40– 10:20)

(Asahi Group Holdings) Ohara Satoshi
C208 “Actual and Technical Issues of Regional Introduction in Small Scale Biomass CHP System” (11:20– 12:00)

(Chugai Ro) Sasauchi Kenichi
C213 “How to generate value from unused chemical technologies” (13:00– 13:40)

(Japan Material Technologies) Urata Koyu
C215 “Activities of Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators, JAPAN (OCCTO) and Electricity System Reform Forward” (13:40– 14:20)

(OCCTO) Yamatsugu Hokuto
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall I(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 407)
I215 “Activities to promote gender-equality of Shibaura Institute of Technology and my activities for medical safety” (13:40– 14:20)

(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) Ohkura Michiko
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall J(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 408)
J218 “Risk assessment for chemical process and the task of information utilization” (15:00– 15:30)

(Showa Yokkaichi Sekiyu) Tanabe Takuya
J220 “Big data and artificial intelligence based optimal operation of petrochemical process.” (15:30– 16:00)

(Tsinghua U.) Yuan Zhihong
J221 “Development of a support system framework for smart management of change based on business process model” (16:00– 16:30)

(Shizuoka U.) Takeda Kazuhiro
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z219 “Data Science for O&M” (15:15– 15:55)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) Isomura Tetsu
Z221 “Next Generation of Process Control, AI Integration with Advanced Process Control” (15:55– 16:35)

(ADAPTEX) Obika Masanobu
Z223 “Next generation of Oil & Gas and Chemical Plants, Plant Digital Twin and EPC” (16:35– 17:15)

(Chiyoda) Nakasone Hiroyuki
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301)
A302 “Global trends and challenges for Japan to cut GHG emissions by 80%” (9:20– 10:00)

(Functional Fluids) Fujioka Keiko
A304 “Development of ammonia synthesis process from renewable energy” (10:00– 10:40)

(JGC) Fujimura Yasushi
A306 “Artificial Photo-synthetic Chemical Process: Current status & perspective” (10:40– 11:20)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) Setoyama Tohru
A308 “Toward commercialization of renewable jet fuel” (11:20– 12:00)

(Euglena) Ohta Haruhisa
A315 “Hints for Design of Bulk Solid Handling Plants” (13:40– 14:20)

(Fluid Eng.) Konami Moriyoshi
A317 “The latest trend of spray dryers” (14:20– 15:00)

(Ohkawara Kakohki) Nashida Takeshi
A319 “Measures to mitigate the damage of dust explosion” (15:00– 15:40)

(Fenwal Controls of Japan) Ohara Kazuteru
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall B(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 302)
B306 “Sensor technology driving for Smart-manufacturing, and Innovation accelerating for the future” (10:40– 11:20)

(Yokogawa Solution Service) Yamashita Toshiya
B308 “Improvement of plant operating safety action by early detection of gas leakage” (11:20– 12:00)

(Chiyoda) Hioki Teruo
B313 “Improvement of Productivity through Plant Data Analysis with AI” (13:00– 13:40)

(JGC) Ono Takuya
B315 “The productivity innovation that collaborative robots and system open up” (13:40– 14:20)

(Kawasaki Heavy Industries) Hasegawa Shogo
B317 “Human Resource Development by Using Operation Training Simulator” (14:20– 15:00)

(Kaneka) Asai Yousuke
B319 “From OSHA PSM to "Risk Based Process Safety"” (15:00– 15:40)

(Incident Analysis & Communication Inst.) Takeuchi Akira
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall J(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 408)
J306 “Development of CO2 chemical absorption process using porous hollow fiber membranes” (10:50– 11:20)

(Shinshu U.) Takahashi Nobuhide
J308 “China Water Environment: Achievements and Challenges” (11:20– 11:50)

(Chinese Acad. Sci.) Yang Min
J313 “Microfluidic Processes to Produce Cell-sized Biomaterials for Bottom-up Tissue Engineering” (13:00– 13:40)

(Chiba U.) Yamada Masumi
J315 “Harnessing Nanomaterials for Enhanced Enzymatic Catalysis” (13:40– 14:20)

(Tsinghua U.) Liu Zheng
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall R(Multi-Act. Bldg. 3F Cafeteria)
R301 “Introduction of powder processing technology” (16:00– 17:30)

(Nippon Coke & Eng.) *Shiina Satoshi, Seki Maki
R302 “How to select feeder attachments matching powder characteristics” (16:00– 17:30)

(Funken Powtechs) Harasawa Hiroshi
R303 “Extrusion and its related engineering” (16:00– 17:30)

(Dalton) Genbo Ryouichi
R304 “Maintenance of the atomizer” (16:00– 17:30)

(Ohkawara Kakohki) Kojima Shoubu
R305 “Introduction of powder level sensor” (16:00– 17:30)

(Nohken) Akiyama Tomoki
R306 “Process control using online measurement for particle size distribution” (16:00– 17:30)

(Hosokawa Micron) *Kitamura Tomohiro, Fujita Sachi, Murata Kenji
R307 “Simple particle size measurement” (16:00– 17:30)

(Seishin Enterprise) Hira Takayuki
R308 “Wet classification of powder by Disc stack centrifuge” (16:00– 17:30)

(Alfa Laval) Aoki Yutaka
R309 “Examples of troubles during separation and drying and countermeasures” (16:00– 17:30)

(Tanabe Willtec) *Hara Hideaki, Tsuburano Akihisa
R310 “Reactallizer changes crystallization processes to small and continuous processes” (16:00– 17:30)

(Tokuju) Harada Ryo
R311 “Crystallization, filtration, drying and powder handling equipment for LIB production process” (16:00– 17:30)

(Tsukishima Kikai) *Mori Akihiro, Yoshida Shuji
R312 “Introduction unit operations in materials for secondary battely” (16:00– 17:30)

(Nara Machinery) Orita Naoki
R313 “How to supply resin powder for restricting entrained gas” (16:00– 17:30)

(Sumitomo Chemical) Ishihara Nozomi
R314 “Experimental and Modeling Study of Agglomeration in a Batch Crystallization Process” (16:00– 17:30)

(Mitsubishi Chemical) *Harjo Benny, (Yokohama Nat. U.) Misumi Ryuta, Kaminoyama Meguru
R315 “Solid modeling and crystallization simulation using Aspen Plus” (16:00– 17:30)

(Aspen Tech.) Kotoda Teruaki
R316 “Basics and Applications of Scalable DEM (SDEM)” (16:00– 17:30)

(Prometech Software) *Yamanoi Mikio, (Tsukishima Kikai) Nakata Yoichi
R321 “Practical course for unit operation and safety management in the plant spot” (16:00– 17:30)

(SCE・Net) Nakao Makoto
R322 “The video conferencing to promote the interchange between distant place members” (16:00– 17:30)

(SCE・Net) Tsuruta Kunihiro
R323 “Improvement of plant operating safety action by early detection of gas leakage” (16:00– 17:30)

(Chiyoda) Hioki Teruo
R324 “Understanding of processes at the production site of batch type polymerization equipment and thinking about safety” (16:00– 17:30)

(Soken Chemical & Eng.) *Takashima Kiyokuni, Okada Masaru
R325 “Structure of Mixer for Environmental Preservation and Safety Maintenance” (16:00– 17:30)

(Satake Chemical Equipment MFG.) *Ago Ken-ichi, Minamidate Wataru, Ohashi Akira, Kato Yoshikazu
R326 “Introduction to Process Safety” (16:00– 17:30)

(International Safety Laboratory) Iihama Kei
R327 “Efforts of community contribution activities by environmental conservation and utilization of biotope at Shizuoka plant” (16:00– 17:30)

(Sumitomo Bakelite) *Nagano Akira, Kumagai Takayoshi
R328 “Efforts to new factory management from the sky” (16:00– 17:30)

(Sumitomo Chemical) Hiraishi Yasuaki, *Nobuzane Yuta
R329 “Developing new ideas based on study of the past and learning from the past (Visiting old, learn new) - Wisdom to learn from case -” (16:00– 17:30)

(SCE・Net/Tokyo Tech) Kato Takashi
R330 “The productivity innovation that collaborative robots and system open up” (16:00– 17:30)

(Kawasaki Heavy Industries) Hasegawa Shogo
R331 “Sensor technology driving for Smart-manufacturing, and Innovation accelerating for the future” (16:00– 17:30)

(Yokogawa Solution Service) Benoki Nobuo
R332 “Human Resource Development by Using Operation Training Simulator” (16:00– 17:30)

(Kaneka) Asai Yousuke
R333 “Highly efficient Hot Oil Heater and Service of Heat Transfer Medium Analysis and Reproduction” (16:00– 17:30)

(Soken Tecnix) *Shibata Hideyuki, He Qiannan
R334 “Efforts to Support Independence by Using HAL(R) Lumbar Type (machine translation)” (16:00– 17:30)

(CYBERDYNE) Maekawa Koji
R335 “Case study on visualization in mixing” (16:00– 17:30)

(Primix) Nii Shoichi
R336 “Wireless Vibration Sensor Network System for Automatic Diagnosis” (16:00– 17:30)

(Asahi Kasei Eng.) Suematsu Kazuki
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z303 “Overview of IRID R&D for Fukushima Daiichi decommissioning” (9:00– 9:40)

(IRID) Okuzumi Naoaki
Z301 “(To be announced)” (9:40– 10:20)

(U. Tokyo) Suzuki Shunichi
Z305 “Purification Technology of Cs-contaminated soil generated by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident” (10:20– 11:00)

(Tokyo Tech) Takeshita Kenji
Z313 “Contribution toward SDGs through the realization of Society5.0” (13:00– 13:30)

(Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance/Meiji U.) Seki Masao
Z314 “Women's participation reforms the chemical industry, triggering a social transition.” (13:30– 14:00)

(U. Tokyo) Tsuji Yoshiko
Z316 “Digital transformation and chemical plant of the future” (14:00– 14:30)

(TUAT) Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Z317 “Report from the SDGs Committee of SCEJ” (14:30– 14:50)

(Japan Chemical Ind. Association) Gosho Akiko

Review lecture

Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall J(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 408)
J317 “Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nanoparticles Working as Imaging Probes for Neurotransmitter Secretion” (14:30– 15:10)

(Shibaura Inst. Tech.) Yoshimi Yasuo
J319 “Protein Aggregation and Its Inhibition” (15:10– 15:50)

(Tianjin U.) Sun Yan

Requested talk

Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall Z(Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)
Z115 “Effect of the quality of the salt in a pickled plum manufacturing process” (13:40– 14:00)

(Res. Inst. Salt and Sea Water Sci.) *Nakayama Yuka, Noda Yasushi
Z117 “Relationship between Heat Transfer Mechanism and Cooking Quality During the Oven Heating of Food” (14:20– 14:40)

(Yokohama Nat. U.) Sugiyama Kuniko
Z119 “A human gastric digestion simulator for analysis of food digestion kinetics” (15:00– 15:20)

(U. Tsukuba) *Ichikawa Sosaku, (NFRI, NARO) Kobayashi Isao
Z120 “Kinetic analysis of lipid oxidation and anti-oxidation, and food design based on it” (15:20– 15:40)

(Tohoku U.) *Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, Takahashi Atsushi
Z121 “Possibility of the tailor made food design using computational swallowing simulator "Swallow Vision"” (15:40– 16:00)

(Meiji) Kamiya Tetsu
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301)
A224 “Promotion of an environmentally and economically sustainable system through complete utilization of unused biomass and converting to high-value products” (16:40– 17:20)

(Tohoku U.) *Kitakawa Naomi, (phytochem products) Kato Makiko
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall B(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 302)
B223 “Scenario design and analysis towards visions of future society” (16:10– 16:50)

(U. Tokyo) Kikuchi Yasunori
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall I(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 407)
I218 “Thinking Process Design for a Chemical Plant of the Future” (14:40– 15:00)

(Kobe U.) *Gion Keiko, Tsuruta Hiroki, (Kaneka) Ueda Masahiro, Ueda Takashi, Kanda Akihisa, (Kobe U.) Ohmura Naoto
I219 “Installation of continuous flow reactor for pharmaceutical production” (15:00– 15:20)

(Kaneka) *Ozasa Shiori, Toyoda Tomoyuki, Ohishi Takahiro, Yasukouchi Hiroaki
I220 “Dissolution behavior of a microbubble and its application for material synthesis” (15:20– 15:40)

(Keio U.) Fujioka Satoko
I221 “Flow Control in a Microchannel - Elastic Instability of Viscoelastic Fluids and Flow Focusing to Produce Double Emulsions -” (15:40– 16:00)

(Kobe U.) Hidema Ruri
I222 “Functionalization and structural control of organic-inorganic perovskites” (16:00– 16:20)

(Sophia U.) Takeoka Yuko
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall A(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 3F 301)
A313 “Implementation of wisdom” (13:00– 13:40)

(Waseda U.) Hirasawa Izumi
Day 3(Mar. 15), Hall Q(Multi-Act. Bldg. 2F Lounge)
Q301 “Degradation properties of Bisphenol A for laccase-immobilized membrane using electron beam graft polymerization” (13:05– 13:55)

(NIT Ariake) *Okobira Tadashi, Mokhtar Ashkan, Kitada Soma, Ryuno Nonoka
Q302 “Physicochemical properties of ionic liquid mixtures” (13:05– 13:55)

(Muroran Inst. Tech.) Shimomura Takuya
Q303 “The novel polymophic crystallines of steviol glycoside and investigation of the feature” (13:05– 13:55)

(Suntory Beverage & Food) *Urai Soichiro, (TUAT) Kudo Shoji, Takiyama Hiroshi
Q304 “Systematic approach for sustainability assessment of consumption and production patterns” (13:05– 13:55)

(U. Tokyo) *Amasawa Eri, Shibata Tsubasa, Sugiyama Hirokazu, Hirao Masahiko
Q305 “Preparation of ceramic hollow fibers and their application for separation process” (13:05– 13:55)

(Kansai U.) Araki Sadao
Q306 “Analysis of methane hydrate cage occupancy during decomposition with Raman spectroscopy” (14:05– 14:55)

(Tohoku U.) Hiraga Yuya
Q307 “Early detection of carbon deposition on reforming catalysts using microwave” (14:05– 14:55)

(AIST) *Kosaka Fumihiko, Fukushima Toshiyo, Ando Yuji, Kuramoto Koji, Nishioka Masateru
Q308 “Structural Control of Microparticles Using Phase Separation within Emulsion Droplets” (14:05– 14:55)

(Okayama U.) Watanabe Takaichi
Q309 “Selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over SnPt bimetallic catalysts - Relationship between alloy structure and catalytic performance -” (14:05– 14:55)

(Kobe U.) *Taniya Keita, Ichihashi Yuichi, Nishiyama Satoru
Q310 “Evolution of mixing, drying and separation technology” (14:05– 14:55)

(Kobelco Eco-Solutions) Fukuhara Ryusuke
Q311 “Development of simultaneous producing technology combining food and energy production” (15:05– 15:55)

(Tohoku U.) *Hiromori Kousuke, Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi
Q312 “Systematic Material Design for Electrocatalysts of Low-Temperature Fuel Cells and Water Electrolysis” (15:05– 15:55)

(Tokyo Tech) Tamaki Takanori
Q313 “Process development service for new technology” (15:05– 15:55)

(JGC) Fukuta Akiko
Q314 “Design of interface of polymer particle for low environmental load” (15:05– 15:55)

(Nagoya U.) Yamamoto Tetsuya
Q315 “Doxorubicin slash Cu at sign SiO2 nanocapsules for GSH Responsive Delivery of Anticancer Drug” (15:05– 15:55)

(Kyushu U.) *Matsune Hideki, Yoshida Ryoya, Yamamoto Tsuyoshi, Kishida Masahiro

Divisional Award

Day 1(Mar. 13), Hall T(Multi-Act. Bldg. 4F 402)
T118 “In-situ observation and numerical investigation of surface vortex formation and bubble entrainment during mechanical stirring” (14:30– 15:10)

(Tohoku U.) *Yamamoto Takuya, Fang Yu, Komarov Sergey
T119 “Flow Dynamics in Taylor-Couette Flow Reactor with Axial Distribution of Temperature” (15:10– 15:50)

(U. Shizuoka) *Masuda Hayato, (Kobe U.) Yoshida Saho, Horie Takafumi, Ohmura Naoto, (U. Shizuoka) Shimoyamada Makoto
T121 “Development and productization of high efficiency vertical motion culture apparatus "VMF Rector"” (15:50– 16:20)

(Satake Chemical Equipment MFG.) *Kato Yoshikazu, (Ehime U.) Kato Hidemasa, (RIKEN) Ueki Masashi, (Satake Chemical Equipment MFG.) Kanamori Hisayuki, Tansho Noriyuki
Day 2(Mar. 14), Hall E(ClassRm. & Admin. Bldg. 4F 403)
E213 “Continuous treatment of fenitrothion contaminated water using organoclay packed column” (13:00– 13:20)

(Kitami Inst. Tech.) *Oiwa Mako, Saitoh Tohru
E224 “Comparison between adsorption and coprecipitation process for Cd removal mechanism by δ-MnO2 (16:40– 17:00)

(Waseda U.) *Suzuki Kohei, Kawasaki Yohei, Kato Tatsuya, Tokoro Chiharu

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