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SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (Osaka, 2018)

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Session programs

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Symposium list sorted by divisions is here.

CY (CY-0) | PL (PL-0) | General sessions (Oral) (0-a - 13) | General sessions (Poster) (PS-A - PS-E)
SV (SV-1) | F (F-1 - F-2) | K (K-1 - K-5) | SS (SS-1 - SS-6) | SP (SP-7 - SP-8) | HC (HC-11 - HC-12) | HQ (HQ-21) | X (X-51) 

CY. Ceremony
CY-0Opening Ceremony
PL. Plenary Lecture
PL-0Plenary Lecture
General sessions (Oral)
0-aThe SCEJ Award
0-dThe SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological Development
1Fundamental properties
2Fluid & particle processing
3Thermal engineering
4Separation processes
5Chemical reaction engineering
6Systems, information, and simulation technologies
7Biochemical engineering
8Supercritical fluid
9Energy engineering
12Materials engineering & interfacial phenomena
13Environmental engineering
PS. General Session (Poster)
PS-APoster Session A (System, info. & simulation, Supercritical, Energy, Environment)
PS-BPoster Session B (Fundamental prop., Bioengineering)
PS-CPoster Session C (Electronics, Materials & interfaces, Wide area)
PS-DPoster Session D (Thermal eng., Separation, Safety)
PS-EPoster Session E (Fluid & particles, Reaction)
SV. Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium
SV-1Chemical Engineering Vision Symposium 2 - Expected Role of Chemical Engineering Toward Achievement of the SDGs
F. Chemical Industry Technology Forum
F-1HQSeparation Technology for a Carbon Cycle System using the Inorganic Membranes
F-2EEInnovation of Energy-related Industrial Technologies
K. International symposium
K-1BESCEJ-AIChE joint session "Bioseparations and Bionanotechnology"
K-2SIBiotechnology and Systems Technology for the Future Sustainable Society
K-3SPRecent Progress in Advanced Biomaterials and Biomolecular Membranes
K-4CRRecent Advance in Catalytic Reaction Engineering Concerning Hydrogen Production
K-5Trends of Chemical Engineering Researches in Taiwan and Future Perspectives on Deeper Collaboration
SS. Session organized by Industry
SS-1HQTechnical Innovations to Sustain Japanese Industry
SS-2HQ,KSTrend Report of Development-oriented Enterprises' Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration -Enterprises Who are Challenging to Medical-Engineering Collaboration and Biotechnology Business-
SS-3HQBusiness Challenges of Chemistry Related Industries - Towards a Digital Advanced Company -
SS-4HQUtilization of New Technologies, Information and Data to Maintain and Improve on-Site Capabilities
SS-5HQUnforgettable Unit Operation - Practical Mixing Technology -
SS-6HQ,KSNetworking Event between Japanese Companies & International Students
SP. Session organized by Industry (Poster)
SP-7HQUtilization of New Technologies, Information and Data to Maintain and Improve on-Site Capabilities (Poster session)
SP-8HQUnforgettable Unit Operation - Practical Mixing Technology - (Poster session)
HC. Session organized by Center/Committee etc.
HC-11GEWomen Engineers Forum
HC-12FEChallenge toward Net Emission Zero Using 100% Renewable Energy in Residential and Commercial Sectors
HQ. Session organized by Headquarters/Branches
HQ-21HQ,HO,TH,KT,TK,KS,CS,KYHow Young Researchers Are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering
X. Seminar / Other programs
X-51FPSeminar of Fluid and Particle Processing Division

Technical program
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Session programs
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SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (Osaka, 2018)

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