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SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (Osaka, 2018)

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Session programs : 3. Thermal engineering

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3. Thermal engineering

Hall I, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall I(2F 2206), Day 3(Mar. 15)
(13:00–14:40) (Chair: Komoda Yoshiyuki)
13:0013:20I313Numerical investigation for the effect of a static magnetic field on the improvement of SiC growth rate in the TSSG process
(Osaka U.) *(Stu)Wang Lei, (Stu)Horiuchi Takashi, (Reg)Sekimoto Atsushi, (Reg)Okano Yasunori, (Nagoya U.) Ujihara Toru
numerical study
static magnetic field
13:2013:40I314Development a model for hydrogen bubble behavior during aluminum solidification
(Tohoku U.) *(Reg)Yamamoto Takuya, Komarov Sergey
Euler-Lagrange coupling
Numerical simulation
13:4014:00I315Study on heat transfer and chemical reaction during pyrolysis of major components of biomass
(Yamaguchi U.) (Reg)Tanoue Kenichiro
Numerical simulation
14:0014:20I316The secondary flow in a turbulent square duct flow with buoyancy force
(Osaka U.) *(Reg)Sekimoto Atsushi, (Reg)Okano Yasunori, Kawahara Genta
Turbulent Square-duct flow
Secondary flow
14:2014:40I317Visualization of Electrode Phenomena in Multiphase AC Arc by High-Speed Camera
(Kyushu U.) *(Reg)Tanaka M., (Stu)Hashizume T., (Reg)Watanabe T.
Thermal plasma
Electrode phenomena
High-speed Visualization
(15:00–16:00) (Chair: Hidema Ruri, Mishima Hiroshi)
15:0015:20I319Effect of fixed blade number on heat release rate in latent heat storage system by scraping solidified PCM layer
(Tohoku U.) *(Reg)Maruoka Nobuhiro, Ito Akihisa, Hayasaka Miho, (Reg)Nogami Hiroshi
Latent heat storage
heat release rate
Scraping solidified PCM layer
15:2015:40I320Evaluation of mass transfer coefficient in liquid film created by rotating cylinder immersed in liquid bath
(Tohoku U.) *(Reg)Nogami Hiroshi, (Stu)Ishihara Kenji, Itoh Akihisa, (Reg)Maruoka Nobuhiro
Liquid film
Mass transfer coefficient
Rotating cylinder
15:4016:00I321Generation of the below zero degree temperature by use of the absorption refrigerator with the alcohol aqueous solution refrigerant
(Hachinohe Inst. Tech.) *(Reg)Odashima Satoru, (Reg)Noda Hidehiko, (Reg)Takahashi Susumu, (Hitachi) (Cor)Fujii Tatsuo, (Cor)Mabuchi Katsumi, (Reg)Orita Hisayuki, (Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning) Takeda Nobuyuki
absorption refrigerator
alcohol aqueous solution

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