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SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (Osaka, 2018)

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Session programs : SS-6

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SS-6 Networking Event between Japanese Companies & International Students

Organizer: Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

We have already found that there are many companies that have overseas expansion and established offices and factories in overseas locations and are struggling with business management and human resource development. It is important not to impress the Japanese style but to understand local culture, customs, common sense, employment consciousness, thought pattern and aim for a solution, and as a person who is aware of it both as Japan and abroad who knows both overseas locality, we greatly expect the activities of foreign students from now on. From that point of view, we planned a forum to communicate mutually, through exchange meetings between Japanese recruitment staff and overseas international students.

Hall A, Day 2

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Hall A(B1F 4001), Day 2(Mar. 14)
(9:00–12:30) (Chair: Katsuda Tomohisa)
9:009:30Opening and Guidance
9:3010:00Presentations by Japanese Companies
10:0012:30Personal Communication with Companies

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