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SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (Osaka, 2018)

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Session programs : K-5

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K-5 Trends of Chemical Engineering Researches in Taiwan and Future Perspectives on Deeper Collaboration

Organizer: Fukushima Yasuhiro (Tohoku Univ.)

SCEJ and TwIChE have been developing their relationships triggered by the signing of Memorandum of Understanding. Several member researchers in both societies have participated in the conferences organized by their counterpart. Some of them have conducted joint researches between Taiwan and Japan. In this session, we offer a forum for researchers from Japan, Taiwan, and from other parties, to discuss how collaborations between both societies and their member researchers to develop the relationships further in quantity and quality.

Hall C, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall C(1F 2101), Day 1(Mar. 13)
(14:10–16:00) (Chair: Fukushima Yasuhiro)
(Tohoku U.) (Reg)Fukushima Yasuhiro
14:2014:40C117Life cycle assessment of management strategies for municipal solid waste incineration residues: a case study on Tainan City
(Nat. Cheng Kung U.) *Chen Ying-Liang, (Taiwan Environmental Tech.) Chen Shih-Ting, (Nat. Cheng Kung U.) Chang Juu-En, (Tohoku U.) (Reg)Ohno Hajime, (Reg)Fukushima Yasuhiro
Fly ash
melting furnace
life cycle assessment
15:0015:20C119High Purity CO2 Concentration from Syngas after Oxy-fuel Combustion by Pressure Swing Adsorption
(Nat. Central U.) *Chou Cheng-Tung, Wu Bi-Ching, Chen Wei-Yu, Wu Tien-Lin, (Hwa-Hsia U. Tech.) Yang Hong-Sung
15:2015:40C120Reactive Distillation and Pervaporation Process for Production of Ethyl Lactate
(Nat. Taiwan U.) *Dai S. B., Chen C. L., (Nat. Taiwan U. Sci. & Tech.) Lee Hao-Yeh
15:4016:00C121Recovery and separation of rare earth metal ions by using supported liquid membranes with strip dispersion
(Nat. Taiwan U.) Wang Da-Ming

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