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To Enhance the Significance of SCEJ's Presence
-To Pursue Corroborations with Cookery Science and Food Engineering- [Japanese]

Mar. 13 (Wed) 13:00-16:20
Hall Z (Multi-Activity Bldg. 6F Lecture Hall)

Program is here.

Division of Thermal Engineering
Fluid & Particle Processing Division
Division of Biochemical Engineering
The Japan Society of Cookery Science
Japan Society for Food Engineering
The Society of Sea Water Science
FUJIOKA KeikoFunctional Fluids
Vice-president of the SCEJ
KAMINOYAMA MeguruYokohama National University

This time, we would like to seek a collaboration with cooking science and food engineering and a fusion of our differing fields in order to expand the base of the Chemical Engineering Society, which we hope will, in turn, lead to an enhancement of the presence of our society.

Opening remark
(Functional Fluids) FUJIOKA Keiko
1 [Keynote lecture] Chemical Engineering for Cooking Science
(Tohoku Univ.) ADSCHIRI Tadafumi
2 Microorganisms in the Fermentation Process of Miso (Japanese Soybean Paste)
(Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture) KASHIWAGI Yutaka
3 Effect of the quality of the salt in a pickled plum manufacturing process
(Res. Inst. of Salt and Sea Water Science) NAKAYAMA Yuka, NODA Yasushi
4 Prediction and control of hardness of vegetables during cooking with water
(Ochanomizu Univ.) KASAI Midori
5 Relationship between Heat Transfer Mechanism and Cooking Quality During the Oven Heating of Food
(Yokohama Nat. Univ.) SUGIYAMA Kuniko
6 A human gastric digestion simulator for analysis of food digestion kinetics
(Univ. of Tsukuba) ICHIKAWA Sosaku
(Nat. Food Research Inst., NARO) KOBAYASHI Isao
7 Kinetic analysis of lipid oxidation and anti-oxidation, and food design based on it
8 Possibility of the tailor made food design using computational swallowing simulator "Swallow Vision"
(Meiji) KAMIYA Tetsu
9 General discussion