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Headquarters Program [Japanese]

HC-11 to HC-17

HC-11 Challenge for 80% GHG Reduction by Industrial Decarbonization with Carbon Recycling and Sequestration Technologies

Mar. 13 (Wed) 13:10-16:50 Hall A (Program)

Center for Strategic Planning,
The Committee on Future Energy and Social Systems
The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan
NAKAGAKI Takao (Waseda Univ.)
KOYAMA Michihisa (NIMS)

HC-12 Challenge of Chemical Engineers for Social Implementation

Mar. 14 (Thu) 9:00-17:00 Hall C (Program)

Center for Strategic Planning,
The Working Group on Social Implement Engineering
NAKAGAWA Kyuya (Kyoto Univ.)
MATSUMOTO Yasumasa (Kao Corp.)
This symposium is targeted to build up new chemical engineering field that relates to innovation and social implementation of technology. The world is now stepping into the 4th industrial revolution era, and we believe that chemical engineers will make great contributions to design our society with cutting-edge technologies. We need to culture knowledge on how we use technologies, what we should produce and should not, which technology is valid or not, how to deliver technologies to our societies in terms of shaping our new lifestyle at global scale. We are willing to open an opportunity to discuss about these issues with chemical engineers' view.

HC-13,HC-14 2018 SCEJ Internship Meeting

Mar. 13 (Wed) 15:00-16:50 Hall I (Program)

Center for Professional Development of Chemical Engineers,
Higher Education Committee

HC-16 Woman Engineers Forum

Mar. 14 (Thu) 13:00-16:20 Hall I (Program)

Gender Equality Committee
TOKORO Chiharu (Waseda Univ.)
OKOCHI Mina (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.)
NOMURA Mikihiro (Shibaura Inst. of Tech.)
This session includes the SCEJ Award lectures for outstanding women's activity and technical sessions of new functional material development and processes by female researchers. By introducing role models, we encourage young female engineers, researchers, and students learn about their careers from here on out.
HC-17 Current Status and Issues of Fukushima Reconstruction and Decommissioning Technology

Mar. 15 (Fri) 9:00-11:20 Hall Z (Program)

The Working Group on Fukushima Reconstruction and Decommissioning Technology
MATSUKATA Masahiko (Waseda Univ.)


HQ-21 How Young Researchers Are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering

Mar. 15 (Fri) 13:00-16:00 Hall Q (Program)

ISHITOBI Hirokazu (Gunma Univ.)
SATO Makoto (Satake Chemical Equipment Mfg.)
KOBAYASHI Daisuke (Tokyo Denki Univ.)