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SS-3. [HQ] Management Issues of Chemistry Related Industries How do Chemistry-related Industries Tackle SDGs - From a Management Perspective - [Japanese]

Organizer(s): Sato Takashi (SCEJ)

The SDGs adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 (goals for sustainable development) are 17 goals in 2030, 169 targets have been established, and the Japan Business Federation revised the Charter of Corporate Behavior that Keidanren combined with Society 5.0 There is growing interest, such as doing. Also in the chemical industry, the JCIA announced a vision summarizing "How can the chemical industry contribute to SDGs" in May 2017, and chemistry related companies also announced a vision to each of them We will. However, at present it seems that the impression that it is staying at the management level level is also strong, and it can be said that there is a strong tendency to close up IR perspective from institutional investors. SDGs think that there are many themes that are extremely closely related to the chemical industry such as environment, safety, energy and health, and that we can also be said to be an industrial field that can make the most contribution to this activity. New technologies such as IoT, AI and big data will also play a major role in this realization. For this time, I would like to deepen the recognition of the importance of efforts for SDGs as a medium-to-long term management task of chemical companies and to concretely discuss the possibility that chemical engineering can contribute.

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SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2019)