SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 86th Annual Meeting Mar. 20 (Sat) - Mar. 22 (Mon), 2021 (Online Meeting) Japanese page
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Date Sept. 20 (Sat) 9:00-12:00
Place Hall A (bidirectional on-line live)
Program (plan)

Opening Remarks

Chair of SCEJ Kanto branch /
SHIMIZU Norihiro

Congratulatory address

APCChE President FOO Dominic

Presided over ceremony of newly honorary members

Greeting of the SCEJ-President

President of the SCEJ /
IHI Executive Fellow
SEKIDO Toshinori

Commendation ceremony

The SCEJ Award Commemorative Lectures

"Innovation in Synthesis and Production of Zeolites"

UTokyo OKUBO Tatsuya

"Study on Separation and Reaction Engineering Using Supercritical Fluid"

Nagoya Univ. GOTO Motonobu