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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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Hall and day program : Hall N, Day 2

Program of CS-2 is updated.
The preprints are now open (Mar. 2nd). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required. (The participants registered in Period III will get the ID/PW on Mar. 15th.)
The yellow back on the Technical sessions page denotes streaming-live session. (HQ-21 is changed to online.)

Hall N(online), Day 2(Mar. 17)


Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
13,14 Environmental engineering,Wide area
(9:00–10:00) (Chair: Ohno Hajime)
9:009:20N201Material Flow Analysis on Resource Circulation Attributable to Air Conditioners
(U. Tokyo) *(Reg)Fujii Shoma, Oshita Yuko, (Reg·APCE)Kikuchi Yasunori, (Reg)Ohara Satoshi
Circular Economy
Air Conditioner
Heat exchanger
9:209:40N202Research on behavior change caused by education that nurtures sensibilities using the future creation school as an example
(Gunma U.) *(Reg)Kojima Yumi, (Reg)Noda Reiji
Sustainable society
Human resources education
Behavior change
9:4010:00N203Development and Examination of Introduction, Society, Lifelong, and Practical Education Projects in Chemistry Related Fields Based on SDGs Enlightenment
(TMCIT) (Reg)Tamura Kenji
Sustainable Development Goals
Chemistry Related Fields
Lifelong Education Projects

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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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