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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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Session programs : CS-2

Program of CS-2 is updated.
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CS-2 Promotion of Collaboration and Integration of Arterial and Venous Fields for Precision Control of Bonding and Decomposition for Resource Recycling Society

Organizers: Tokoro Chiharu (Waseda Univ./Univ. of Tokyo), Miyashita Satoshi (Univ. of Tokyo/JST), Manako Takashi (JST)

While pursuing new functions and convenience in materials and products, there is growing concern about the environmental impact of general-purpose products such as plastics and the waste problems of advanced materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics. In order to break away from the conventional mass-production, mass-consumption, mass-disposal society and realize a sustainable, recycling-oriented society, it is necessary to develop materials with an awareness of the flow of materials from the time of use to after use.
In the strategic proposal issued by JST-CRDS in March 2021, it was pointed out that, for the above materials development, it is important to establish a research system in which researchers in the arterial (material creation) and venous (separation, decomposition, and recycling) fields, who have different academic backgrounds and research motivations, collaborate and integrate with the common goal of "precise control of bonding and decomposition". At the same time, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) announced the Strategic Objectives of achieving precise control of bonding and decomposition, and developing sustainable materials that enable flexible control of stability and decomposition. In April 2021, the JST Strategic Basic Research Program CREST and PRESTO were launched under the Strategic Objectives.
As the nation begins to take a major step toward the precise control of binding and decomposition for the realization of a recycling-oriented society, exchange between researchers in the arterial and venous fields is just beginning. This symposium aims to promote closer collaboration and integration research between the arterial and venous fields by bringing together related researchers to introduce and exchange opinions on each other's cutting-edge research results.

(Mar. 4) The order of B314 and B315 is reversed. (B315: 13:10-13:40, B314: 13:40-14:10)
Registration is FREE for participants attending only for the public sessions (SP-1, SS-3, CS-2, HC-11, HC-12, and HQ-21) online (only SP-1 can be attended on-site) as an audience (not as a speaker). See Details.

Hall B, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall B(2F C201), Day 3(Mar. 18)
(13:00–15:30) (Chair: Tokoro Chiharu, Manako Takashi)
13:0013:10B313Opening Remarks
(U. Tokyo/JST-CRDS) Miyashita Satoshi
the purpose of the symposium
CRDS strategic proposal
domestic research trends
13:4014:10B314[Review lecture] Evaluation of Environmental Degradation Process of Polymeric Solids based on Physicochemical Characterization
(Kyushu U.) *Takahara Atsushi, Kajiwara Tomoko
Environmental Degradation
13:1013:40B315[Review lecture] Development of High-performance Biodegradable Biomass Plastics and their Environmental Biodegradation
(U. Tokyo) Iwata Tadahisa
Biodegradable Plastics
Biomass Plastics
Marine Biodegradation
14:1014:30B316[Invited lecture] Data-driven molecular design of environmentally degradable biopolymers
(Kyoto U.) Numata Keiji
environmental degradation
14:3014:50B317[Invited lecture] Research and development of recycling-oriented structural polymer
(Tohoku U.) Okabe Tomonaga
Structural polymer
14:5015:10B318[Invited lecture] Development of upcycling process of fluorinated materials for circularity: C-F bond activation
(NITech) Shibata Norio
15:1015:30B319[Invited lecture] Polymer Separation by Metal-Organic Frameworks
(U. Tokyo) Uemura Takashi
(15:40–17:05) (Chair: Miyashita Satoshi, Uemura Takashi)
15:4016:00B321[Invited lecture] Investigation of external stimulus for separation to create a new resource circulation loop
(Waseda U./U. Tokyo) (Reg)Tokoro Chiharu
16:0016:20B322[Invited lecture] Separation of multi materials' interface for circulation of composite materials
(Kanazawa U.) (Reg)Taki Kentaro
16:2016:40B323[Invited lecture] New approach for recycling urethane foam installed in buildings
(Hokkaido U.) Kitagaki Ryoma
urethane foam
building use
16:4017:00B324[Invited lecture] Mechanism and application of the chemothermal pulverization phenomena
(NIMS) Ohashi Naoki
heat treatment
17:0017:05B325Closing Remarks
(JST-CRDS) Manako Takashi
Global Research Trends
CRDS mission
Strategic Proposals

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