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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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Session programs : 3. Thermal engineering

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3. Thermal engineering

Hall J, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall J(online), Day 3(Mar. 18)
(10:20–12:00) (Chair: Kobayashi Nobusuke, Nakaso Koichi)
10:2010:40J305[Featured presentation] Verification of non-thermal effect by refractive index during microwave pulse irradiation
(U. Hyogo) Takai Takahiro, Maeda Tomoisa, *(Reg)Asakuma Yusuke, (Kochi U. Tech.) Ito Shinya, Taue Shuji, (Curtin U.) Hyde Anita, Phan Chi
Refractive index
non-thermal effect
10:4011:00J306Experimental study for Wall Wetter batch evaporator with VRC
(Kansai Chem. Eng.) *(Reg)Kishida Takahiro, (Reg)Kataoka Kunio, (Reg)Noda Hideo, (Reg)Yamaji Hiroshi, (Cor)Kaneda Mampei
Wall Wetter
Batch evaporation
11:0011:20J307Development of micro ORC with zeotopic mixtures
(Yamagata U.) *(Stu)Akimoto Ryosuke, (Reg)Nakaiwa Masaru, (Reg)Matsuda Keigo
Power generation
Renewable energy
Organic Rankine Cycle
11:2011:40J308Heat release measurements of erythritol microcapsules for thermal storage
(Yamagata U.) *(Reg)Akamatsu Masato, Goto Hiroki, Kashimura Ryuta, Sakuma Daiki, (Reg)Makuta Toshinori
Heat Release
Erythritol Microcapsules
Thermal Storage
11:4012:00J309Effective viscosity measurements of erythritol microcapsule dispersion for thermal storage
(Yamagata U.) *(Reg)Akamatsu Masato, Nishimura Hiromi, Oya Daiki, Feng Bo Yu, (Reg)Makuta Toshinori
Effective Viscosity
Erythritol Microcapsules
Thermal Storage

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