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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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Hall and day program : Hall Z, Day 1 : Z117

Program of CS-2 is updated.
The preprints are now open (Mar. 2nd). These can be viewed by clicking the Paper IDs. The ID/PW sent to the Registered participants in Period I/II and invited persons are required. (The participants registered in Period III will get the ID/PW on Mar. 15th.)
The yellow back on the Technical sessions page denotes streaming-live session. (HQ-21 is changed to online.)

Hall Z(Rokko Hall), Day 1(Mar. 16)

Hall Z will be on Rokkodai 2nd Campus.

Ceremony | 0-a | SV-1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
9:0011:00Opening remarks
Chair of the SCEJ Kansai Branch (Daicel) Ina Tomohide
Congratulatory address
APCChE President Foo Dominic
Presided over ceremony of newly honorary members
Greeting of the SCEJ-President
President of the SCEJ (Sumitomo Chemical) Ishitobi Osamu
Commendation ceremony
0-a The SCEJ Award
(11:00–11:40) (Chair: Matsukata Masahiko)
11:0011:40Z105[The SCEJ Award] Chemical Engineering for Nanospace based on Computational Science
(Kyoto U.) (Reg)Miyahara Minoru
The SCEJ Award
SV-1 SCEJ Vision Symposium 9 - Interactive Discussion to Open the Bright Future of Chemical Engineering
12:5013:00Opening remark
(Okayama U.) (Reg)Ono Tsutomu
(13:00–13:40) (Chair: Matsukata Masahiko)
13:0013:40Z113[Requested talk] Review of Vision 2023
(Tohoku U.) *(Reg)Shibasaki-Kitakawa Naomi, (Kyushu U.) (Reg)Hayashi Jun-ichiro
Vision symposium
(13:40–15:00) (Chair: Ono Tsutomu)
13:4014:00Z115[Requested talk] Making the Sapporo Declaration in Action
(Waseda U.) (Reg)Noda Suguru
Vision symposium
14:0014:20Z116[Requested talk] Carbon Neutral Brings Changes to Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Innovates for Carbon Neutral
(U. Tokyo) (Reg)Tsuji Yoshiko
Vision symposium
14:2014:40Z117[Requested talk] Integrating Data Science into Chemical Engineering - perspective from AI/IoT/DX
(TUAT) (Reg)Yamashita Yoshiyuki
Vision symposium
14:4015:00Z118[Requested talk] A new textbook on Chemical Engineering, "Chemical Engineering learning from actual examples: Approach to problem solving"
(Tokyo Tech) (Reg)Yamaguchi Takeo
Vision symposium
(15:20–17:10) (Chair: Ito Akiko)
15:2017:10Z120[Invited lecture] Chemical Engineering x Idea from DX = Advanced Social System & Industries
Panelists: (Daicel) *(Reg)Ogawa Yoshimi, (U. Tokyo) *Matsuo Yutaka, *Nishiyama Keita
Vision symposium
(17:20–18:00) (Chair: Matsuda Keigo)
17:2017:40Z126[Invited lecture] The future of SCEJ for chemical engineers - Reports of the workshop on SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting -
(Kobe U.) Gion Keiko
Vision symposium
17:4018:00Z127[Requested talk] Toward the Creation of New Value for Chemical Engineering and SCEJ
(Kobe U.) (Reg)Ohmura Naoto
Vision symposium

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SCEJ 87th Annual Meeting (Kobe, 2022)

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