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K-1 Sustainable Technologies from Various Chemical Reaction Engineering Perspectives

3月15日(水) 12:50〜17:10 C会場 (プログラム)

Organized by
Division of Chemical Reaction Engineering
MOMOSE Takeshi(The Univ. of Tokyo)
HORIE Takafumi(Osaka Metropolitan Univ.)
NAKAGAWA Keizo(Kobe Univ.)
WATANABE Ryo(Shizuoka Univ.)
MATSUNE Hideki(Miyazaki Univ.)
TANIYA Keita(Kobe Univ.)
MURANAKA Yosuke(Kyoto Univ.)
FUJITSUKA Hiroyasu(Kyoto Univ.)
HIROTA Yuichiro(Nagoya Inst. of Tech.)
GOSHIMA Takashi(Kagoshima Univ.)
ASANO Shusaku(Kyushu Univ.)
FUJIWARA Kakeru(Yamagata Univ.)
HIROMORI Kousuke(Tohoku Univ.)
The field of chemical reaction engineering has in common process engineering, the manipulation of chemical reactions, and a variety of technologies are used and studied that are not found in other fields. In order to bring sustainable development to the next generation of chemical engineering, it is necessary to create synergy with these new technologies. In this international symposium, young researchers from Japan and other Asian countries will discuss the future of chemical reaction engineering from the viewpoints of their respective research fields, with "sustainable technology" as the keyword.
K-2 Recent Developments on Process Systems Engineering

3月15日(水) 12:55〜17:20 D会場 (プログラム)

Organized by
Division of Systems, Information and Simulation Technologies
KANO Manabu(Kyoto Univ.)
YAMASHITA Yoshiyuki(Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology)
Dominic C. Y. Foo(The Univ. of Nottingham Malaysia)
This international session bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss recent developments on Process Systems Engineering.
K-3 Organic/Inorganic Thin Film Processing for Applications to Electronic and Energy Devices

3月16日(木) 8:45〜12:50 C会場 (プログラム)

Organized by
Division of Materials & Interfaces
TSUJI Yoshiko(UTokyo)
KOMODA Yoshiyuki(Kobe Univ.)
INOUE Gen(Kyushu Univ.)
This symposium will focus on coating technology and applications. We will invite Prof. Cheng-Liang Liu of National Taiwan University who has won the 2022 SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer for the keynote lecture of this symposium. We will also invite researchers working on processing of electronic, optoelectronic, and energy storage devices.
Interactive comments on each lecture will be available during the symposium through GOING VIRTUAL. We hope this symposium will be fruitful and contribute to the promotion of interdisciplinary research and academic development in the materials and processing.
K-4 Biomedical Engineering Challenges toward Intractable Diseases

3月16日(木) 13:20〜16:20 C会場 (プログラム)

Organized by
Division of Biochemical Engineering
With the recent development of molecular biology and biotechnology, biomedical engineering has become increasingly important for the treatment of intractable diseases. At this symposium, Prof. Wei Wei, who is the awardee of The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer 2022 and has made great contributions to this field, gives a plenary lecture. We also invite active researchers to discuss the current status and future prospects of this field.
K-5 The 11th Japan-China Symposium on Chemical Engineering

3月17日(金) 10:00〜17:00 C会場 (プログラム)

Organized by
China Liaison Committee, Center for International Exchange
Co-organized by
The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China (CIESC)
SAKAI Yuji(Kogakuin Univ.)
ZHAO Zhen(China Univ. of Petroleum/Shenyang Normal Univ.)
In this session, new technologies on environmental protection in terms of chemical engineering in Japan and China will be presented.