SCEJSCEJ SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting Sep. 22 (Wed) - Sep. 24 (Fri), 2021 Okayama University, Tsushima Campus Japanese page
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On-site and Online Attendance

Part of the oral sessions uses bidirectional live streaming from the on-site venue. The rest of the oral session and all poster sessions will be held on-line. All presentations will be streamed on the internet.

You may choose On-site and Online Attendance for All sessions.

Access for Online Attendance

Please prepare Zoom to use and access the SCEJ "GOING VIRTUAL".
ID and PW are scheduled to be sent on Sep. 21 a.m.

Access for On-site Attendance

The venue is Building for General Education ("Ippan kyouiku tou") on Tsushima Campus, Okayama University.

The PDF versions of the Access/Floor maps.

From JR Okayama Station

At JR Okayama Station West Exit Bus Terminal No. 22, take Okaden Bus for "47 Okayama rika daigaku" and get off at "Okadai nishimon" (7 min, JPY 200).

From Okayama Airport to Okayama Station

Limousine bus services are available from the airport to Okayama station.

By Taxi

When taking a taxi, please make sure to mention "Tsushima Campus" in order to avoid confusion between the other campuses. About 7 min from Okayama Station West Exit.

Notice for September 23 (Thu)

September 23rd is a national holiday.

Two 24/7 stores (FamilyMart and 7-Eleven) are located on the left-bottom corner of the above map.

Business hours (Cafeteria, etc.) (As of Sep. 16)

No.BuildingFLNameSep. 21 (Tue)
Sep. 22 (Wed)
Sep. 23 (holiday)Sep. 24 (Fri)
E1Peach Union (Co-op)2Peach Cafeteria (2F)10:00-20:0010:00-20:0010:00-14:00
3Peach Cafeteria (3F)11:00-14:0011:00-14:00closed
N11Muscat Union (Co-op)2Muscat Cafeteriaclosedclosed11:00-20:00
N55Pione Union (Co-op)Pione Cafeteriaclosedclosedclosed
W17Junko Fukutake TerraceJ Terrace Cafe9:00-17:00closed9:00-17:00

Business hours (Stores)

No.BuildingFLNameSep. 21 (Tue)
Sep. 22 (Wed)
Sep. 23 (holiday)Sep. 24 (Fri)
E1Peach Union (Co-op)1Peach Shop10:00-14:00closed10:00-14:00
E3Univ. Union1JP Bank ATM9:00-18:00closed9:00-18:00
N11Muscat Union (Co-op)1Book Store10:00-18:00closed10:00-18:00