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Registration Guide

The registration can be made at online. No registration is available at the venue.

Please inform us your current attendance plan (On-line or On-site) on your registration.
(You do not need to contact us if your schedule changes.)

There are three registration periods. Only credit cards can be used at the Period-III. If you want to pay the fee by bank transfer, please make the registration at Period-I or Period-II.

To attend the Meeting, you need to register as a participant to the event, and pay the fee.

The attendee and the speaker (except invited person) must register to attend the meeting.

If the speaker (except invited person) will not complete both the registration to the meeting and the payment of the registration fee;
SCEJ individual member: The registration fee (Price of Period-III) of the present meeting will be involved in the next bill of the SCEJ annual member fee.
Other than SCEJ individual member: We will send a letter to ask the speaker to join the SCEJ Individual Member, attached with a bill of the registration fee (Price of Period-III). If the speaker will not join the SCEJ Individual Member, the speaker will not be able to become an applicant and/or a speaker of the presentation at the future SCEJ Annual and Autumn Meetings.

Free registration to the Public sessions

In the 52nd Autumn Meeting, the following sessions are open to the public. Registration is FREE for participants attending only for those sessions as an online audience (not as a speaker). Please note registration is NOT free if you are a speaker or attending any other sessions or Okayama site.

Topics Code Symposium Name Apply to Registration
SP-1 [Special Symposium] Action Plan 2050 Toward a Carbon-free Society Based on Chemical Engineering Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
SP-3 [Special Symposium] Making the Sapporo Declaration in Action toward the Achievement of SDGs Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
HQ-11 Do Try to Raise Awareness on the Future of SCEJ Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration
HQ-13 Network of Women Chemical Engineers Audiences (ex.Speakers) Registration

Registration periods

July 1(Thu) - August 11(Wed), 2021
Discount available.
The early access to the Preprints is available.
The fee can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
The registration can be cancelled by the end day of Period-II.
August 12(Thu) - August 25(Wed), 2021
No discount.
The early access to the Preprints is available.
The fee can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
The registration can be cancelled by the end day of Period-II.
September 9(Thu) - September 24(Fri), 2021
No discount.
No early access to the Preprints.
The fee can be paid by credit card.
No cancellation.

Please check your Registration fee.

Program book and "Book of Preprints"

Both the Japanese and English programs are included in the Program book, but most of the Preprints are written in Japanese.

Program book No extra charge (included in the Conference fee).
“Book of Preprints” Sold SEPARATELY at 3,300 JPY/each (TAX included).

The SCEJ outsources the all operations concerning the registration and payment to an outside company.

Registration Form

The SCEJ individual member who arrears your SCEJ annual fee cannot access the Registration Form for the SCEJ INDIVIDUAL Members. Please pay the annual fee and retry later.

Registration Form for the SCEJ INDIVIDUAL Members
(Your SCEJ Member ID and Password are required.)

(Registration has been closed.)

Registration Form for the SCEJ NON-INDIVIDUAL Members and Non-members
(Incl. Members of cosponsoring societies or Overseas societies)
(Registration has been closed.)

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Provision of Information to Okayama Visitors & Convention Association

The present meeting will apply a grant from Okayama Visitors & Convention Association.
The Name and Prefecture (or Country) of the attendee will be provided to Okayama Visitors & Convention Association.