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SCEJ 82nd Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2017)

Session programs

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CY (CY-0) | General sessions (Oral) (0-a - 14) | General sessions (Poster) (PS-A - PS-E)
F (F-1 - F-2) | SS (SS-1 - SS-7) | SP (SP-8 - SP-9) | K (K-1 - K-3) | HC (HC-11 - HC-16) | HQ (HQ-21) 

CY. Ceremony
CY-0Opening Ceremony
General sessions (Oral)
0-aThe SCEJ Award
0-dThe SCEJ Award for Outstanding Technological Development
1Fundamental properties
2Fluid & particle processing
3Thermal engineering
4Separation processes
5Chemical reaction engineering
6Systems, information, and simulation technologies
7Biochemical engineering
8Supercritical fluid
9Energy engineering
12Materials engineering & interfacial phenomena
13Environmental engineering
14Wide area
PS. General Session (Poster)
PS-APoster Session A (System, info. & simulation, Supercritical, Energy)
PS-BPoster Session B (Bioengineering, Environment)
PS-CPoster Session C (Electronics, Materials & interfaces, Wide area)
PS-DPoster Session D (Thermal eng., Separation)
PS-EPoster Session E (Fundamental prop., Fluid & particles, Reaction)
F. Chemical Industry Technology Forum
F-1HQInnovations in Separation Technologies for a Nobel Inorganic Membranes
F-2MTMaintenance and Inspection in Materials for Chemical Plants
SS. Session organized by Industry
SS-1HQTechnical Innovations-1 to Sustain Japanese Industry
SS-2HQTechnical Innovations-2 to Sustain Japanese Industry
SS-3HQResults Announcement of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration
SS-4HQManagement Issues of Chemistry Related Industry -A new Challenge Using AI in the Chemical Industry-
SS-5HQActions for Secure Safety and Upkeeping the on-Site Capabilities
SS-6HQUnforgettable Unit Operation - Environmentally Friendly Separation Process (Distillation, Adsorption, Membrane Separation) -
SS-7HQNetworking Event between Japanese Companies & International Students
SP. Session organized by Industry (Poster)
SP-8HQPoster Session/ Actions for Secure Safety and Upkeeping the on-Site Capabilities
SP-9HQPoster Session/ Unforgettable Unit Operation - Environmentally Friendly Separation Process (Distillation, Adsorption, Membrane Separation) -
K. International Symposium
K-1CR,MITowards Process Intensification: Multiscale Integration of Reaction and Separation Systems
K-2CR,SF,MIReaction Engineering of CVD: iCVD and Emerging Processes, Applications, and Fundamental Understanding
K-3HQGrand Challenges - Energy
HC. Session organized by Center/Committee etc.
HC-11FUThe Present Status of the Reconstruction from Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Contributions of Chemical Engineering to the Reconstruction
HC-12PFEnhancement of Public Services to Young Generation by Increasing the Visibility of SCEJ
HC-13PD2016 SCEJ Internship Meeting
HC-14PDSCEJ Internship Meeting Mixer
HC-15PDMessages from Professionals -Gathering of Professional Chemical Engineer Fundamentals-
HC-16GEWomen Engineers Forum
HQ. Session organized by Headquarters/Branches
HQ-21KTHow Young Researchers Are Thinking about Future Research on Chemical Engineering (Poster)

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Session programs
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SCEJ 82nd Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2017)

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