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SCEJ 82nd Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2017)

Session programs : 14. Wide area

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14. Wide area

Hall D, Day 3

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall D(Kyoshitsu-to 3F 304), Day 3(Mar. 8)
(13:00–14:00) (Chair: Matsumoto Hideyuki)
13:0013:20D313The New Industrial Revolution-Whereabouts of Chemical Industries
(APSOM) (Ful)Komatsu Shoei
Industrial Revolution
Chemical Industry
Supply Chain
13:2013:40D314Research about technical problems in long-term storage of removed soil at temporary storage site in Fukushima Prefecture
(Fukushima Pref. Centre for Environmental Creation) *(Ful)Takahashi Yusuke, (Fukushima Tech. Centre) Ito Tetsuji, Nagasawa Hiroshi
Temporary storage site
Flexible intermediate bulk containers
Gas permeable liner sheet
13:4014:00D315Technological and economic assessment of power generating systems with woody biomass
(U. Tokyo) *(Stu)Kaibe Kenji, (Chuo U.) (Ful)Hatano Hiroyuki, (U. Tokyo) Inoue Masafumi, (JST-LCS) (Ful)Yamada Koichi, (U. Tokyo) (Ful)Otomo Junichiro
woody biomass
biomass power generating
technological and economic assessment

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