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SCEJ 82nd Annual Meeting (Tokyo, 2017)

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K-1 [International Symposium]
 Towards Process Intensification: Multiscale Integration of Reaction and Separation Systems

Organizer: Horie Takafumi (Kobe Univ.), Nakagawa Keizo (Kobe Univ.), Watanabe Ryo (Shizuoka Univ.), Taniya Keita (Kobe Univ.)

In order to achieve the innovative development for the next generation of chemical engineers, it is essential to integrate the functions in chemical processes beyond the framework of unit operations and research fields. Furthermore, multiscale features in the range of nano material synthesis, micro transport phenomena, production process scales etc. should be taken into consideration. In this international symposium dealing with "Process Intensification", young researchers from Asian countries including Japan will give lectures from different viewpoints and scales aiming at the discussion for the creation of innovative process design strategies.

Hall B, Day 1

Title / AuthorsKeywordsTopic codeAck.
Hall B(Kyoshitsu-to 3F 302), Day 1(Mar. 6)
13:0013:10Opening remark
(13:10–14:10) (Chair: Shimoyama Yusuke, Yamaki Takehiro)
13:1013:40B114[Invited lecture] How do nano/micro structure technologies contribute to connect material science with device development beyond the "black-box"? ~Challenges and future visions~
(Kyoto U.) (Ful)Inoue Gen
Porous media
Numerical simulation
13:4014:10B115[Invited lecture] Electrokinetic Ion, Fluid, and Nanoparticle Transport in Nanofluidics: Experiments and Fundamental Understanding
(Nat. Yunlin U. Sci. Tech.) Yeh Li-Hsien
Nanopore sensing
Ion current rectification
(14:10–14:40) (Chair: Watanabe Ryo)
14:1014:40B116[Invited lecture] Heterostructure Nanocrystal Quantum Dots as Light Emitters
(KAIST) Lee Doh Chang
Quantum dots
(15:00–16:00) (Chair: Wakihara Toru, Horie Takafumi)
15:0015:30B119[The SCEJ Award for Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer] Functional Nanoporous Materials: Green Synthesis and Energy Applications
(Nat. Taiwan U.) Wu Kevin Chia-Wen
Metal-organic frameworks
Membrane separation
Biomass conversion
15:3016:00B120[Invited lecture] Thin film deposition using chemical reaction in supercritical fluid for high-aspect-ratio 3-dimensional features
(U. Tokyo) (Ful)Momose Takeshi
Supercritical fluid
Process development
(16:00–17:00) (Chair: Nakagawa Keizo, Taniya Keita)
16:0016:30B122[Invited lecture] Catalytic membrane reactors for efficient hydrogen production from hydrogen carriers
(South China U. Tech.) Li Gang
Catalytic membrane reactor
Silica membrane
Hydrogen production
16:3017:00B123[Invited lecture] Development of an efficient micro chemical process for the production of functional acrylate monomers
(Mitsubishi Rayon) (Ful)Yasukawa Toshiya
Bench-scale operations
Functional acrylate monomers
17:0017:20Closing remark

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